I tried a cheap light meter "LX 1010 B" that I can get at 1200 yen

Fire Service ActYaOccupational health and safety regulations"Brightness" greatly affects the workability of human beings, as the minimum required illuminance is defined so that work can be carried out safely. So, I would like to know the illuminance of the place where I spend a long time every day, and it is very convenient for the luminometer which quantifies the brightness. However, since it is a luminometer not so frequently used, I searched for what it is as cheap as possible and simple things that can be used for just about 1200 yen and cheap light meter "LX1010BSo I got it and tried it at once.

LX1010B Digital Lux Meter - 1305869871.pdf
(PDF file)http://doc.diytrade.com/docdvr/1306637/21405093/1305869871.pdf

Appearance check
The luminometer "LX1010B" was in a white box.

There is a black exclusive case in the box.

When you open it you will find instructions.

The manual is English version ......

There are two kinds of Chinese version.

There were LX 1010 B and 9 V dry batteries under the instructions.

The LX1010B is a two-piece structure in which a sensor part that senses light and a body part with a display are connected by a cord.

The weight with the battery installed is 169 g as measured and lightweight.

Although it is not possible to hold with one hand, it is safe to have it with both hands because the balance is bad.

When measuring, remove the cover attached to the sensor part.

Trying to install a battery from the back of the main unit ......

When I take off the lid somehow it gets scratched somehow ... ....

9V battery should be set so that the front side of the picture becomes "+" OK.

Preparation is completed by removing the liquid crystal protective film.

I tried using
There are "50000", "20000" and "2000" switches at the top of the main unit, and there are "HOLD", "(power supply ON)" and "(power supply OFF)" switch under them. The number of the upper switch is the maximum illuminance that can be measured, respectively, and use the appropriate switch according to the brightness to be measured.

For example, when the switch is set to "2000", 1luxIt is possible to measure up to 2000 lx in units of (lx).

When the switch is set to "20000", the illuminance can be calculated by multiplying the displayed number by 10 ... ...

When it is set to "50000", the illuminance can be calculated by multiplying by 100. In addition, setting the switch to "HOLD" makes it possible to display the illuminance at that time, so it is convenient when comparing illuminance by moving the place.

I immediately measured the illuminance by placing the LX1010B directly below the lighting.

I tried using the luminometer "LX1010B" - YouTube

I found that the top of the desk is about 1200 lx. However, when measured on the 20,000 lx scale or the 50,000 lx scale, "134" and "013" are displayed, respectively, so it seems that there tends to be a slightly larger numerical value on a larger scale.

As the distance from the lighting approached, the illuminance increased naturally.

Measuring the illuminance of various places felt that the figure corresponding to the feeling of "brightness" was measured. It seems that the LX1010B is a perfect tool to know relative brightness, not absolute brightness.

To account for the spread of light in the numerical value representing the brightness of the lightingLumen(Lm) is often used, and lx which is the lumen number per square meter is not used much as a reference, so it is rare to use the numerical value measurable with the luminometer as an absolute standard. However, as a tool to relatively digitize the "brightness" as a sensation, the illuminance meter is quite useful, for example, after studying in advance the values ​​for which work and studying progresses, the lighting of home electronics mass merchandising stores You seem to be able to use it such as finding lighting that suits your taste in the corner.

Since the price of the LX1010B is 1199 yen (including shipping fee) at Amazon, it is affordable, so if one is on hand, "What kind of products are bright among a number of LED light bulbs?" And "Illuminance optimum for cultivation of dried vegetable radish" How long is it? "It seems to be useful for various quests of daily life.

Amazon.co.jp: Small Pocket Size Digital Luminance Meter Lux: DIY · Tool

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