Columbia University succeeded in developing the world's first architecture "Cycada" that allows iOS applications to run on Android terminals

Researchers at Columbia University can run the world's first iOS application on an Android terminal architecture "CycadaSucceeded in the development of.

In Sync: Columbia Engineering Team First to Run iOS Apps on Android Platform | The Fu Foundation School of Engineering & Applied Science - Columbia University

I developed Cycada (Cider) to teach computer science at Columbia UniversityJason Nee (聶 哲 生)Professor and his research team are publishing on YouTube how to use iOS application using Nexus 7 (2012).

Columbia Cycada Demo - YouTube

Using Cycada (Cider) on Nexus 7 looks like this. It is exactly the same as the normal top screen, but the Android application icons are lined at the bottom of the screen, whereas the icons of the iOS application are arranged at the top of the screen.

this is"PassMarkIt is a benchmark application for both Android · iOS called. Android version application is like this.

On the other hand, when I activate PassMark for iOS, it looks like this.

This is how to measure 3D performance in iOS version.

Touch-tap on the browser screen of the iOS application ......

The operation that the screen expands is also perfect.

Tap the history key to display recently used applications ......

The Android application and the iOS app are displayed together. Of course you can start both Android and iOS apps by tapping history.

IOS application "YelpWhen you set up ... ...

Restaurant reviews are arranged side by side.

With Cycada you can use the iOS app just like an iPhone or iPad, even on an Android device.

Controlling iTunes library on Mac from iOS terminal "RemoteCan also be used.

You can access music data saved on Mac and listen to music on Android terminal.

Music in the iTunes library can also be played in the background of other applications.

E-book reader application "IBooksAnd ...

You can also use iOS 7 standard application "stock price".

Keep the keyboard layout familiar with iOS as well as enter text.

Cycada,kernelWork at level and unknownApplication Binary Interface(ABI) that it is running an iOS application on Android OS by disguising it. As you can see in the movie, there is a little time lag in launching the application, but you have successfully successfully running the iOS application on Android terminal.

Professor Knee who developed Cycada believes that the situation where application developers are separated into both the iOS and Android camps is a major impediment to the generation of superior software, We say that development of an environment that can develop applications that can be used on any terminal without being bound by is said to activate application development and will benefit the user.

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