Many too artistic sugar confectionery made with 3D printers

Although it is a 3D printer that outputs everything, such as the heart and the house, it is drawing attention as a substitute tool for future food.The sugar labof"ChefJet"Is a 3D printer that can output sugar confectionery, but it delivers delicate and beautiful sugar confectionery like art work though it is food.

3D Printed Sugar | the sugar lab

First of all, skull.

Since size can be adjusted, it is fashionable to make it smaller and to drink it.

This is a 1 m high wedding cake.

Sugar confectionery overlies the mesh in the surface.

The top decoration looks like the following.

When you color it in Chinese style like this.

You can make a vase to eat.

The size is 180 mm × 170 mm × 240 mm, the surface looks like this.

An octahedron of 120 mm × 120 mm × 120 mm.

You can also print chocolate 3D.

Diamond made of sugar.

A mysterious shape of sugar confectionery.

It is a unique shape that we do not see with existing sweets.

Ants of a slightly different shape are also ants.

In addition to simply coloring, it is also possible to draw illustrations on the surface.

Roses of chocolate waste to eat.


Flower pattern object style which does not become unnatural even if it is left in the room.

This is a blue flower pattern.

There is also a small polyhedral sugar candy that has been colored.

Rainbow polyhedron.

Because it is 20 mm × 20 mm × 20 mm in size, you can substitute as cubic sugar as it is.

Sugar confection like crystal that fits perfectly into the glass.

Pouring sake as it is will make a beautiful cocktail in the world.

In addition, ChefJet will be released in the second half of 2014, and the price is about 10,000 dollars (about 1 million yen).

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