Why is "the opening ceremony" all over the Internet?

ByJoey Yee

A genre of various movies was born since YouTube was born, but "Opening CeremonyA movie of a genre called "one" is one of them. My daughter is not a real cookie monster,Cookie monster toy opening breach movieMireille Silcoff, who was curious about being crazy about it, is approaching the mystery "why so much opening tears are popular?"

A Mother's Journey Through the Unnerving Universe of 'Unboxing' Videos - NYTimes.com

The first "opening ceremony" was released in 2006, reflecting the opening of Nokia E61. Although the opening ceremony is not a crazy genre everyone is enthusiastically, even the opening movies of toys and brand-name goods are released to the public, including technology fields such as gadgets.

ByPiro *

Suppose you purchase a bag of 500,000 yen for Louis Vuitton, for example, you want to release a movie containing the opening ceremony. Bag enthusiasts who can not afford to purchase Louis Vuitton can take out a brand-new bag from the boxes with a movie and then relive a wonderful moment that makes a bag with a single wound. A box wrapped in a bag wrapped in a bag or a smooth silk ribbon may be familiar to the buyer, but it is special for those who can not buy bags.

There is a genre called "howl video" that teenage girls purchase on YouTube etc., but the opening ceremony is similar to howl video, the difference is whether there is a girl who is host at the center of the movie . It became famous by howl videoBethany MotaIs now active in various fields, but the person who carries out the opening ceremony never becomes famous like her. The opening ceremony is characterized by being able to experience the thrill of "buying" without buying things, as a kind of porn as well as viewers become first person.

ByAndré P. Meyer-Vitali

Why is the opening ceremony being done so much? That's experts and YouTubeDisneyCollectorWhen asking Lima who has a special opening ritual channel called 'Silcoff', I notice something. Some of the experts thought that the opening ceremony was an exchange between the seller and the buyer, but many of the popular items in the opening ceremony of toy relationships focused on the garbage. For example, the opening ceremony which is played for 90 million times was only opening the 6 toys of $ 1.99 (about 200 yen) wrapped in plastic eggs. The thing that I want to see opening this egg of plump plastic is simply the same feeling that I want to see another universe beyond the door by pushing the button of the elevator.

The followingDisneyCollectorA unsealed movie of plastic eggs containing toys released on a channel called. It is just a movie that just opens the egg and explains the contents, but it has been played more than 92 million times.

Angry Birds Toy Surprise Jake and the Never Land Pirates Disney Pixar Cars 2 Easter egg Spongebob - YouTube

In other words, the opening ceremony is not related to practical consumer activities, letting people seeing the opening ceremony have a strange emotional reaction, says Silcoff.

Similar emotional reactions are seen in the blog popular with tumblr "Things Fitting Perfectly Into Other Things(Thing that perfectly fits things with no relation) ". As the title suggests, the blogs are randomly ordered pictures of one thing like "a tablet that fits perfectly in a ruler in a ruler" that fully fits something else. One of them, a picture of the two bottles that fitted exactly in a cardboard box, "I cried gladly at seeing this blog, I am feeling very satisfied right now, what magic is this?" It was said that it was attached.

Originally, YouTube has the potential ability to transform personal pleasures by unknown people into popular culture, and when you search "clean corn stripping" "crush pimples" etc., you can see surprising contents and numbers The result is obtained.

BySpencer E Holtaway

Even though people who are holding the opening ceremony in the movie appear to be urging consumption in front of the camera, the reason why the viewers watch the movie is in another place. Like the pleasure of using up the last drop of shampoo, even if there is only one eraser, there is "a pleasure to open a new one".

Once you get stuck in the loop of the movie "Opening Ceremony" movie, you will get $ 12,000 (about 1.2 million yen) from the bag of Hermes from MacBook Air, Nike sneakers etc, Some people keep watching the opening of things. And while watching how to open a pen of 2 dollars (about 200 yen), "I like the feeling of running a new pen on paper, ... ..." and a certain kind of satisfaction .

Although it is a niche genre, "DisneyCollector" just to open things you purchased in front of the camera is turned into a huge market,SocialBladeAccording to the data, DisneyCollector raises annual revenue of $ 13 million (1.3 billion yen) annually from 2 million dollars (200 million yen) by advertisement. The genre of the movie that produces enormous profits was focused on the modest pleasure born in the human emotion "feeling when using new things".

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