A movie that collects "modest pleasure" in life

ByYacine Baroudi

Everyone has a moment to feel happy with a little thing. It is this movie that picked up various "small happiness" and "small joy" from the pleasant satisfaction of everyone to some pleasure that somehow sympathized too much.

The Best Simple Pleasures - YouTube

When rubbing a match.

"Only one more hour ......ZZZ "

Cut the wrapping paper for gifts with scissors.

New socks.

Draw a true circle with a compass.

When tinnitus has subsided.

Hot shower.

Try hard and challenge ......

To succeed.

When scooping out new butter.

When you touch your hair with a stroke.

When peeling the seal peripely.

Licking the envelope glue.

Pounding fingers.

When the gums hanging on teeth come off.

When I read a masterpiece.

When peeping paper along perforation.

Slee the body.

To open the can as "Pushu."

When one favorite song is found.

When wrapping around freshly washed sheets.

Cutting yourself yourself.

Open the window and drive at night.

Everyone has a "small joy" to take aside. Provide royalty-free photos and videosShutterstockIt was a movie made of the material, which gathered a stack of small pleasures in life.

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