"Winter is recommended instead of summer" and shop clerk is drama and Daggie and shaki shake ice?

Shaked ice is popular as a summer tradition and it is a food that grows greatly in the summer, but it is also difficult to enjoy a soft texture because the temperature is high in summer and melts so quickly because it is moist. Jujo Ginza in the shopping district "Daruma and a cake shop"Sticks to the texture of ice, it is a shop where you can enjoy various shaved ice such as matcha. Although it seems that there is a particular attention to the texture of ice to say "I want you to eat not in summer but in winter," but after all I wanted to eat shaved ice in hot we went to a shop.

Notice - Daruma and a cake shop

The address of the daruma and rice cake shop is "1-3-3, 1 - chome, Kita - ku, TokyoJujo Ginza Shopping DistrictIt is in

Arrived at Jujo station on the JR Saikyo line.

From the station's Rotary, you can see the shopping area.

Zujo Ginza shopping area is a distance that you can see from Zujo station, about a minute walking.

The shopping street has a roof and rain shopping on rainy days.

There are about 200 shops in the shopping district, and chain shops such as Mos Burger have also advanced.

When I walked down the shopping street for about 5 minutes, I arrived at Daruma and Mogetsu shop where a queue is made. On Saturdays and Sundays in summer, we also distribute numbered tickets, so it seems that a queue will be available outside the store even on weekdays.

Let's line up in the queue.

Originally it is a rice cake shop, but in the summer shaved ice is the main shop, the type of rice cake has been less.

Waiting to go inside the store in about an hour. The shop is a sweetness atmosphere in the shopping arcade indeed.

A towel of shaved ice was decorated.

The menu includes Matcha and other unusual menus such as Mascarpone, Green (Oh) mandarin oranges. This time"Matcha Milk Uji Kinemitsu(980 yen including tax) "order.

The ice we are using is natural ice, basically it seems to use pure ice.

Because the shop is full, the clerk is icing icy all the time. On the day I visited, "It is hot and humid today, so it is difficult to put good ice on, so the weather yesterday was awesome, but honestly told me."

The interior of the shop is crowded, waiting for about 20 minutes the shaved ice arrives.

Compared to iPhone 5 and height, it looks like this.

Ice is thinly scraped and it looks pretty.

Matcha is a bright green color that I use what I got from Kyoto.

Plenty of milk and red beans were also on it.

Matcha powder was also applied. I will eat it while the condition of ice of particular interest is good.

The thinly sliced ​​ice melts quickly in the mouth and has a distinctive texture. Matcha has neither too much astringency nor umami, it is also excellent with milk. However, the outside ice was beginning to melt soon as it was hot.

Ginkaku using red beans from Hokkaido is modest in sweetness and outstanding compatibility with matcha.

Even if you eat it together with Matcha, Milk, Azuki, there was no prominence of any taste, it was an exquisite balance.

As we continue to eat for a while, parts like ice crystals appear.

The texture of these parts is exquisite. Thin ice melted with cold and slime in the mouth, I felt the height of the technique to scrape ice.

The melting speed of the ice is very fast in the summer, and the part that can enjoy the exquisite texture is slightly less. "The shaved ice is the same as the snow in the slopes, the air is dry and cold in the winter, the condition is better, the condition gets worse from spring to summer when the temperature goes up, I hope the crowd comes to eat in winter if possible, if possible" I will.

At the end it became Matcha Milk.

Daruma is a business closed on Tuesdays from 10 to 18 at Tuesday. As the queue of visitors seeking shaved ice may grow up during the summer, it is OK if you are lining up on hot summer days ...... If you visit in winter as recommended by a clerk, it is ok.

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