Why does the ultimate loneliness go wrong?

ByMichaël Korchia

It is always lonely to break contact with othersUnhealthy as much as obesity and smokingIt is known that it is. Then, the BBC in the UK has released details on what kind of phenomenon what happened to those who cut off their relationships with others and experienced long-term solitude, and why.

BBC - Future - How extreme isolation warps the mind

Summer 2009 is just around the border of Iran and IraqKurdistan RegionSarah Shourd, who enjoyed hiking at the suddenly, was arrested for suspected spies by Iranian soldiers. Mr. Shourd seems to have been confined for 10,000 hours blindfolded from arrest to release. Later, Mr. ShourdArticle in The New York TimesPosted, "When I heard a big cry, I did not notice until the guard guy touched me, that scream was his own," he spells his mind at the time It is.

ByFelipe Morin

Extreme solitary conditionCausing problems on the bodyAndIncreasing the risk of developing Alzheimer'sAlthough it is clarified, besides that, it may affect living functions and spirit such as sleep patterns, attention, logical thinking abilities.

One of the influences of loneliness on the spirit is that there are many reports that time sense goes wrong. In 1993, sociologist Maurizio Montalbini sometimes stayed in the underground cave for 366 days to update the world new record of "period of living in the underground". When Mr. Montalbini appeared on the ground for the first time in 366 days, he thought that "only 219 days have passed". The reason was that Mr. Montalbini's sleep pattern was completely wrong. In subsequent investigations, when staying in the dark for a long time, many people have found that the life rhythm will be a 48-hour cycle of "36 hours awaken and sleep 12 hours".

ByCarl Jones

Among the influences of the extreme solitude state on the mind, it is a hallucination symptom that there are as many reports as time madness goes wrong. In an experiment led by psychologist Donald Heb in McGill University Medical Center in Canada in 1957, we confined the subjects in a room like a cube for several days and investigated what kind of symptoms occurred. In order to minimize the stimulus given to the subject's visual, auditory and tactile sensations, the room where the subject stayed was surrounded by a soundproof wall.

ByThomas Guignard

Several hours after the start of the experiment, the subjects started singing songs and started talking to himself and talking about escaping from a monotonous space, afterwards the emotions abnormally increased, or they fell into extreme anxiety states Thing. However, the most symptomatic thing that happened to the subjects is hallucinogenic symptoms. Hallucinogenic symptoms got worse as time went on, and it was light at first that it could see light, but in the end squirrels marched up, and dogs and babies appeared in the room where there should not be anything heavy Transition to symptoms.

During the experiment, experiments were inevitably canceled because there were successive subjects who complained of hallucinations, auditory hallucinations and tactile anomalies.

Certain cognitive psychologist says "When the extreme loneliness state continues, the sense of time goes wrong or the symptoms such as hallucinations and hallucinations get out, a cognitive psychologist said," The part of the brain that processes currently ongoing tasks like perception, I am accustomed to constantly processing a large amount of information obtained from hearing.When sudden information stops, various nervous systems send information that can not exist in the brain, so there is an abnormality in the brain. " I insisted. Cognitive psychologists assert that they try to build reality from information with less brains or information sent from the nervous system and as a result they will feel things and sounds that do not exist.

ByPenn State

In addition, human beings have various emotions by coming in contact with other people and society, and complement each other. According to biologists, humans have evolved emotions by sending out collective life from ancient times, so if no one helps humans with emotions such as fear, anxiety, sorrow, the ego begins to collapse and the perception is crazy It seems to be.

There are armies who train to endure the extreme loneliness state, but if an untrained general person continues to be lonely, it will have a strong influence on the body and mind. However, it is not well known that there are people who prefer the feeling of loneliness.

Yacht OfficerBernard MoitessierIn the midst of the world round of yacht racing, Mr. Mr. was disgusted with returning to social life, abandoning the race though he was putting on a position to be able to win. I will continue the voyage as it is and finally arrive at Tahiti in a place quite different from the goal. After arrival, Mr. Moitessier said, "It was not painful at all to be alone on the ocean, but I felt that I was happy to be on the ocean, probably I rescued myself of my soul I thought that I wanted it, "he revealed that he got pleasant feeling in a sense that he could hardly reach in an ordinary man.


It is true that there are people who can accept and enjoy the feeling of extreme loneliness like Mr. Moitessier, but if you underestimate the unbelievable power that solitude has, there is a possibility of getting ridiculous backs.

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