"The reason for game dependence is to fall into a special mental state," pointed out by psychologists

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It is difficult to have a bad influence on the living side other than the game due to a decrease in sleeping time or fatigue so much that he is devoted to games, or it is difficult to make a human life happenGame addictionThere are also rehabilitation facilities overseas. Even in the game, it is watching as being particularly susceptible to addictionFirst Person Shooter Game(Abbreviation: FPS) is a genre game and American psychologists are considering the reasons from a psychological point of view.

The Psychology of First-Person-Shooter Games: The New Yorker

FPS is sweeping the game market and occupies most of the sales rankings of games in the world. He is a psychologist from HungaryMihai Tikkent MihaiAccording to Mr., the reason why gamers become addicted to FPS seems to be in a mental state called "flow" that is created by playing FPS rather than flashy images or violent depictions.


In psychologyflowIs a state of mind completely immersed in what he is doing at the moment and creates a feeling of extreme happiness, occurring during gambling and chess playing, while climbing. If you taste the flow once, you will not be able to forget the pleasure, there is a danger that you will be repeating that action over and over.

FPS, which needs quick decision making, is the best game to create flow, and it is said that it is more likely to fall into a flow state as the depiction of the game and the story are more realistic. "In order to create flows, not only the first person viewpoint, which is the characteristic of FPS, but also the shooting part plays a large role," Mr. Chiksentemihai points out.

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Mr. Chikusentemihai said, "I do not think that gamers want to shoot someone in the real world, but I have an impulse to emotionally psychological emotions and stresses, and the impulses that once hunted The brain still remembers adrenaline secreted from stimulation in hunting and is craving for it, "he says about the relationship between the flow and the brain that the game creates.

In 2008 the scientific research institutes in Australia conducted experiments to examine physiological responses occurring during FPS play. In experiments we usedHalf Life 2In the FPS game called FPS game, we applied electrodes to the face and body of the subject who played the game, measured the movement of the muscles, and investigated the psychological state of the subject by taking videography during the experiment.

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As a result of the investigation, it was found that the subject was in an excited state resulting from the tension during game play · It was found that he had a positive feeling, and the subject felt "I am happy during play and immersed in the game I was speaking after the experiment ". The research institute conducted the same experiments in games of other genres, but it was said that there was no situation where it was easy to create flows like FPS.

Overseas, FPS games such as Halo and Call of Duty are proud of the explosive popularity that can sell millions of books just on the release date, why people who are suffering from FPS poisoning so far because they are not popular in Japan It may be less. However, unlike abroad in Japan, games of various genres are overflowing and the possibility of falling into game dependence is not zero, so Takahashi Masato once said "The game is 1 hour a dayAs you can see, it seems better to have a moderate time to play the game.

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