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Game application that reproduces the unreasonableness of NES game "Transformers Convoy Mystery""Queued Transformers Returned Conquoy Mystery" Android version distribution started on August 7Did. The iOS version was supposed to be delivered from the 9th on schedule,Apple suspects that it is a fake? RejectIt was published and postponedAnnouncement on official websiteIt was done. Of course, since this game application was made after permission and supervision by Takara Tomy which gave rise to the transformer's toy, it is now re-pending, proving that it is "authentic". Even with the official game app, I have something like this ... ....

By the way, GIGAZINE of one year ago wrote such an article.

More than half of modern high school students own smart phones, the first time they have had an average of 13.9 years - GIGAZINE

The situation of "summer vacation homework" which is going to go wrong although it is scheduled to finish early is revealed - GIGAZINE

Kawakita Koichi talks about differences in thoughts put on special effects and "Toho ceremony" "Daiei ceremony" - GIGAZINE

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【There is a picture】 Chinese man who walks a dog with "Segway" as a topic - Golden Times

What J PRIDE: "Moonlight Legend" Pronouns "Well Light Fukudome"

1: Wind blowing if there is no wind @ @ (^ o ^) / 2014/08/07 (Thurs) 18: 59: 27.19 ID: DqytCjET.net
Sorry it's not a bench

3: Nasting if the wind blows @ \ (^ o ^) / 2014/08/07 (Thurs) 19: 00: 06.38 ID: bwLCgLQB.net
I can hit it in my dream

8: If the wind blows, there will be a nameless @ \ (^ o ^) / 2014/08/07 (Thurs) 19: 01: 09.36 ID: viT7wuh8.net
The hit ball hit is a short frontal view

I wrote a battle with self-taking like Kora www: Insane @ N

13: Mr. Nanashi @ Opun 2014/08/04 (Monday) 22: 03: 15 ID: t7 WYP 91 n 8
Do not you think anything other than such a kora, do not do it! It is! It is!

Is he really taking this self? (Low voice

【European football】 Messi's hairstyle "Mr. Masayuki" looks like unfavorable Ronaldo is going to imitate ... - MSN Sankei News

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For those interested in STAP cell problems | RIKEN

STAP uproar, reasons for "brave foot": Nikkei Business Online

News - Culture - Ecuador, the link between the Luna and the rainforest - National Geographic Official Japanese Site (Nasojio)

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Why is the perpetrator anonymous although the victim is a real name news report? An incompatibility of "Sasebo Incident" to read from the spirit of law and press coverage | News & amp; Analysis | Diamond Online

Local residents who believed false reports in the Sasebo case ... dangerous at summary site dangerous | East sports web? Tokyo sports newspaper

Todo double, Hokkaido's fishery damage serious ... doubling the maximum number of extermination Difficult utilization of popular meat and leather + (1/2 page) - MSN Sankei News

What is the Restoration of Restoration that sent "inappropriate message" to female junior high school students ... Kano City Board of Education protests - MSN Sankei west

According to the city, Mr. Yamamoto distributed business cards to several junior high school students who met in a local festival in October Heisei 20. Invited students who had accessed LINE 's contact information written on the business card to the "tea ceremony", but no one attended. When the students removed Mr. Yamamoto from the group of LINE, Mr. Yamamoto sent messages to the students "I will never forgive", "Call the principals," "I will not do it at all" The students consulted with their homeroom teacher and found out.

Also, Mr. Yamamoto invited students on the way to school on the way to school from last autumn and invited them to the office and exchange opinions by providing takoyaki and sweets. After that, the students said that they formed a private fan club "Yamamoto Keitaipu Squadron".

Moral subjects upgraded, voices of concern to "fair" "justice" guidance: Asahi Shimbun Digital

"Woman is down" Remark by Mie Prefecture Fisheries Association Full description of HP publication: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Cyber ​​Fujita, once again winning major bouts major turnover: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Somebody tell me What do you think we should do? Kosui Sushi looks for opinion on management policy: Market situation Kabu full force 2 stories

'Cancellation fee is too high' Saga City lawyer sued All Nippon Airways | Saga Shimbun electronic version

Ebola bleeding heat WHO declares emergency NHK News

Hashimoto "Are you still in the morning as you posted such articles? It's amazing spirit power, I will quit instantly," Asahi reporter "..."

CNN.co.jp: Malaysia Airlines, Delisting

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Tokyo's only department store rooftop Ferris wheel revives Tokyu Plaza Kamata: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Where is Hachiko starting construction of the station building in Shibuya redevelopment in Tokyo? + (1 / 2page) - MSN Sankei News

GPS transmitter: hidden danger Attaching to the car of the victim, locating whereabouts - Mainichi Newspaper

This image accurately expresses the psychology of Kimo Ota: Leisure Person \ (^ o ^) / Breaking News - Livedoor Blog

Do you have any questions on foreign-affiliated SEs with annual income of 10 million? : IT bulletin

Shizuoka City Operation Support to Invite the World SF Convention | Shizuoka Shimbun

Fortunately things without insurance, no car inspection people also paid car repair fee. - YES or NO or half?

Ajinomoto's shed "sexy" sex discrimination CM | female discrimination? Male discrimination? | Toyo economic online | Business site for new generation leaders

In the first wwwwwwww wwwwww went to Tsukiji for wwwwww rice breakfast wwwwww: breakfast dish

"A stuffed doll's panties" that came to be held in libraries throughout the country is a picture book | Current awareness portal

Have you seen the notice table of all 1? The problem of Aichi prefecture public school - It is Suzuki.

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Google, expecting an increase in "HTTPS" preferential treatment of encrypted sites by search results

A situation where the number of applicants is reduced rather than increasing users - Periodic survey "e-book" (12) - Internet com

What will happen if a person who can speak Chinese talks to a LINE hijacker? Author · Masatoshi Yasuda case: China · Emerging countries · Overseas news & columns | KINBRICKS NOW (Kim Brix · Now)

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The movie 'Theatrical version Aikatsu! Special information completed! - YouTube

Romancing Sa Sa 3 Original Soundtrack Remaster | SQUARE ENIX

"Beyond my dead 2" "Hero" Do not line up | AUTOMATON

The loveliness of girls appearing in animation for girls is abnormal - Golden Times

Smart news, raising the total amount of 3.6 billion yen ~ Atomico, a well-known overseas venture capital participates as a lead investor ~ | Smart News Corporation

Mixi and smart news, capital business alliance in native advertising network «Mixi Corporation

Mixi, Sales of "Monster Strike" in July-September plans to increase 80% by QonQ to 18 billion yen, Calculating the monthly quotient to 6 billion yen | Social Game Info

Mixi, the business profit forecast for the April-September quarter will be tripled from 4.6 billion yen to 13 billion yen ... Forecast for the full term is undecided due to difficulty in forecasting growth rate "Monst" grows fast | Social Game Info

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Furutin jump rope Chiba junior high school table tennis club - social news: nikkansports.com

For goshikoku high blonde afro - MSN satellite photo

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"FamilyMart Staff Award 2013" Excellent Staff (Best Store Staff) Inventory menu 4th release "Walnut and Caramel Cheesecake" and "Variety Musubi Set" released!

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