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Osaka prefecture Suita cityExpoland sitePlanned forLarge complex facility "(provisional name) Expoland site complex development project" started construction today. The facility has a total floor space of about 223,000 square meters, the store area is about 88,000 square meters (1st to 3rd floor), attracting about 300 entertainment facilities and shops, planning about 4,100 parking lots It is said that there is. The start of business is scheduled for autumn 2015.

By the way, GIGAZINE of one year ago wrote such an article.

A new way to hide and execute malware in the EXIF ​​header of a JPEG image has appeared - GIGAZINE

Mosquito control with low technology but surprisingly effective - GIGAZINE

I tried using infrared thermography "FLIR i 3" which can measure temperature and store images with just holding anything Review - GIGAZINE

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News - Culture - Ancient people were eating weeds for prevention of dental caries - National Geographic Official Japanese Site (Nasojio)

The plant called Hamasge is a very troublesome weed. It spreads out in the ground without noticing, and the herbicide also has no effect as if it sprinkled carbonated water. However, according to studies published recently, some ancient people may have used this weed instead of a toothbrush.

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Benesse outflow: 39 years old SE arresting customer information Doubt replication suspected Metropolitan Police - Mainichi Newspaper

Mr. Matsuzaki was said to have slipped through this prevention system, although DB was a mechanism that displays "error" when downloading information and trying to copy it to the storage medium to prevent leakage.

Benesse Spill: Besides just just 2 routes resale to 10 traders - Mainichi Newspaper

The man presented his identity card to a roster who brought in customer information and signed a pledge to say that it was not "information that was illegally acquired." The roster and other vendors who bought information from men said that they explained that they did not know the information of Benesse to voluntary hearing by the Metropolitan Police Department, and the agency is carefully supporting the evidence.

Colon & Blog | Newsweek Japan Official Site

The problems pointed out by the female town honored by the female town The point of origin is the "family" destruction of the US-made constitution: JBpress (Japan Business Press)

Shinagawa surroundings 500 billion yen redevelopment JR East and other high-rise buildings 8: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Opinions on the UN Committee Secret Protection Act NHK News

Large-scale eavesdropping such as NSA "In dangerous habits" UN report by Asahi Shimbun Digital

Rhode Island State, Prostitution Sharp Declines in Rampage = National Economic Research Institute - WSJ

Why increase the burden of car users? Reason for gasoline price stop and highway real increase price (1/2) | Business Journal

China Alibaba, financial product "surplus treasure" 1 bankrupt shake picture International news: AFPBB News

【Gaza attack】 Israel and Hamas the diplomat said, "The background of violence and hatred" Japanese do not know (1/2) | TOCANA

JR West: Staying-oriented large-scale bookstore plan at station building on the north side of Osaka station - Mainichi Newspaper

JR West announced on January 16 that it will open a large-scale stay shop (sales floor space of 4000 square meters) as a new core facility of the station building on the north side of JR Osaka Station next spring. "Culture · Convenience · Club (CCC)" which develops "TSUTAYA (Tsutaya)", a major rental DVD / book selling agency, operated and sales department store "JR Osaka Mitsukoshi Isetan" inside the same building drastically reduces the sales floor area Utilize vacant space along with shrinking. It becomes a shop modeled on "Daikanyama Tsuya Bookstore" (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo), which is popular with a comfortable and relaxing space with a variety of foreign books and specialized books and a café.

Daikin accelerates domestic regression of air conditioning production with a weak yen, from 100,000 to Shiga from China | Business News | Reuters

Kobe Newspaper NEXT | Society | "I can not eat tatami mats" I am sorry for the omission of omission fee by Kamado or the President

Kobe City's male dentist (70), president of Kobehara Hiroakane (70), a major takeaway lunch chain "Honke Kamado" (Kobe City Chuo Ward), said that the artificial teeth due to implant treatment could not escape, ) On March 16, the court ruled on the lawsuit seeking approval fees of about 13.6 million yen, the Kobe District Court. Shoichi Uya, presiding judge, dismissed the request, "It can not be said that the dentist had a remarkable lack of attention during explanation and treatment."

High 3 Suicide: Causing confessions Cause caused ... Mothers complained in Nagasaki - Mainichi Newspaper

Exploitation from the weak! "Doctors and Medical Equipment Companies" Nesting in Patients with Sleep Apnea Syndrome (SAS) Actual Conditions of Borrowing Money | Business Journal

Former Kanagawa prefectural arrest warranty Drag possession possession NHK News

Adachi fireworks: Spray on embankment "place pickup" before Mainichi Shimbun 19 - Mainichi Newspaper

Cuba's electronic information base resumed Russia, US information gathering during the Cold War - 47 NEWS (Yona no News)

JR freight, loading deviation measurement device introduction Introduced after derailment accident of Hokkaido · Ebina Line - Hokkaido Shimbun [Hokaido]

Kawauchi Nuclear Power: Tanaka Regulation Chairperson "I am not saying it is safe" - Mainichi Newspapers

Corporate poster "Daddy did not return" collective self-defense rights: Asahi Shimbun Digital

LAWSON: policy of acquiring Ishii Seijo scale of 50 billion yen - Mainichi Newspapers

Mass-Producing Bluefin Tuna Plan Kinki University and Toyota Tsusho to Make Young Fish Business: Asahi Shimbun Digital

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On the "bullying of public institutions against SDF personnel" stated in the defense white paper - Togetter Summary

NHK: Phantom's "Radio Gymnastics 3" Television First Showcase of a 91-year-old Instructor Teaches - MANTANWEB (マ ン た ん Web)

Whale shark of the Osaka Aquarium, possibility of successive infectious diseases: Asahi Shimbun Digital

On August 16, the aquarium "Osaka Aquarium" in Osaka-shi Minato-ku announced that the female whale shark "Yuu-chan" (estimated 7 to 8 years old, 4.7 meters long) died. The female whale shark "Ten chan" which was exhibited at the aquarium are just dying on the 13th. The person in charge said, "The cause of death is unknown, but because of the same period, there is a possibility of infection."

Let's create a body that can not defeat radiation - Fukushima city homepage

Does beer really get fat? : Diet Quick Report @ 2chan

VIPPER I: No Experience I'm a Blessed March NEET, I can not stop my tears in the size of what I've lost

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Sideburns Cha Shu ~: 【Sad news】 Sony purchases followers with Twitter and gets honorable but also balances in a moment - Livedoor blog

Sony Japan | News Releases | FeliCa Connect 2014 Non-contact IC Technology Showcase FeliCa's latest technology, products and services

"Online mail order" Winning group study 【3】 e ☆ Earphone 1,000 listeners increase net sales: PRESIDENT Online - President

"Blazing Fire" of the blog brought fans

When do people feel "fun" or "hard"? ~ Trend of emotions seen in tweeting analysis - Big data report - Yahoo Japan Corporation

[PY] Photo Yodobashi Nikon D810 SHOOTING REPORT | photo.yodobashi.com |

Breakthrough of Google and Adobe font Noto Sans (Source Han Sans) | Stocker.jp / diary

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【Unreleased】 Minato Diva (※ raw animation) production press conference 【7th July (Monday) GenePro】 - Nico Nico video: GINZA

"Unverified singing form" special edition promotion movie - YouTube

Prosecutor rejecting evidence disclosure ... CG Child pornography trial to unexpected prolongation |

Looking at free delivery video, the first episode of robot animation masterpiece selection - Diary of Hokke wolf

"Honorific" of hits talked about by the gimmick of "Yokai Watch" - Akihiro Hino interview with Level 5 President | "Weekly Diamond" Special Report | Diamond Online

Amekomi hero 'Saw', 1 photo to change sex with new work International News: AFPBB News

【Keiichi Tanaka's pen and chopsticks - Favorite of manga artists】 Episode 3: Fujio Akatsuka and a famous shop in Shinjuku "Yamadin" - everyone's rice

Zero ~ Wet crow's no shrine maiden ~

Hit judgment Until Zero Shooter ceases humans

However, in the first place, any god player was one that was someday a beginner. It is supposed to be starting from a place where I can not put out a wave fist even with Umehara, but there is not a chance to see such a movie quite easily.

However,Because of Mr. Yu has been leaving the site since 2010, The fact that the replay of the old Oriental Kamikyo is left is worth noting. It is truly appreciated. Now it is a precious replay. Mr. Yoshin 's more human beings will be uploaded, the more it will be said that the value of the past can be said to be a heritage of the past. It is valuable as Jomon style pottery which shows that people in the Unzu used to live on the ground. People who are good at games think that you should keep records of when you are worse for posterity people.
Or rather Netoge If you are shooting SS during playing, you can feel like looking at the album when you look back after a few years when you travel young, when you are watching the replay when you first played the game, the tension at the time You can feel a sense and indulge in memories. Just by keeping a record, it is highly recommended that you can experience pseudo-rear experiences with a good feeling that one step does not go outside either.

Announcement concerning restrictions on the number of people using "Idol Master Side M" [updated on Thursday, July 17, 2014, 12:00] THE IDOLM @ STER OFFICIAL WEB

We truly appreciate it, but we restrict the number of customers and offer services so that we can play comfortably.

For the above, please wait for a while because we are planning to expand the maximum number of people in order after a certain period of time.

Mr. Moyamoya, JR's "Elimination of Molester" Manga Advertisement: Natsume Fusonosuke's "at?": ITmedia Alternative · Blog

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"Anna and the Queen of the Snow" launched on the first day of the BD 1st 660,000 copies. "Eva break", "THIS IS IT" beyond - AV Watch

Celebration Godzilla birth 60 years - The real reason why Godzilla did not attack the Imperial Palace (Reprinted) (1/2)

【Image】 AKB Abdomen of Tano wwwwwwwww: Diet Quick Report @ 2channel

Miyamoto Tsunaga's World Cup Analysis "Asian forces could not accommodate fast football in the vertical direction" | Gexaca [Kodansha]

What Mr. Nakayama Miho told "I abandoned children" Issue | Column list | Consider half

【Select Sale】 Mr. Akira Yamatoya awarded 2013 for work force production piece · Kaizerin | Horse racing laboratory topics | Horse racing laboratory

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Mazda New Demio Finally Discover | Good luck! Mitsubishi Motors Blog Support Blog

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