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It will be released on September 4, 2014The price of Microsoft's new generation game hard "Xbox One"¥ 39,8080It was announced that it was. The model that shipped Kinect sensor is 49,980 yen.

By the way, GIGAZINE of one year ago wrote such an article.

It turned out that the office with no partition affects health and spirit by lowering productivity - GIGAZINE

"Fargo" that you can freely memorize from smartphone, tablet, PC in outline tree form with Dropbox for free - GIGAZINE

What is the way to get over repeatedly to settle for Facebook addiction? - GIGAZINE

Three frog egg-style soups are too real so I went to Kyoto aquarium to eat - GIGAZINE

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◆ Science (science · academic · technology)
Mental disorders and inflammation (part 1 bipolar disorder part 1): psychiatrician's blog at the place P hometown Hospital

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Home fence Kyoto city subway to Karasuma Line, from January: Kyoto newspaper

Limited to candidate executive candidate for revising the "zero overtime" plan, regardless of annual income: Asahi Shimbun Digital

"Illegal if you dismiss Mr. Kokoo" Lawyer submits "Declaration" to RIKEN disciplinary committee (full text) | Lawyer Dot Com Topics

NHK news that cut down on cutlery guards at elementary school sports festival

SOS: Medium 3 suicide LINE to "prepare to die" "Good-bye" - Mainichi Newspaper

NHK news can not be liquidated more than 300 in public interest corporation nationwide

Japan's external net worth has been the largest ever 23 consecutive years "world's most credit country" - MSN Sankei News

Vietnam and China battle in blame, sinking of Vietnamese fishing boat | Reuters

The hereditary of Usa Shrine from right Shoji dismissal shrine main office, "unavoidable" as an unusual measure - MSN Sankei News

33-year-old female volunteer died jumping suicide at the SDF lodging house - sponich Sponichi Annex society

Beat violation: Throwing eggs to international students, arresting three boys Saga · Tosu - Mainichi Newspaper

Tosu police arrested three boys aged 18 - 19 in Tosu City and Kurume-shi, Fukuoka Prefecture on Tuesday on Tuesday, pretending to throw eggs to international students on the street in Tosu City, Saga Prefecture. According to the Japanese language school of Tosu city where the victim international student passes, 19 students from international students have been throwing eggs, fire guns, etc, since last December, the Tosu station seems to be a malicious harassment It is investigating.

PC remote control: bail bond security deposit 6 million yen confiscated - Mainichi Newspaper

Language speech contested by Christ, pope to Israeli prime minister | global speech | Reuters

To Tokyo Metropolitan Government, TEPCO pay compensation of 1.3 billion yen As a change in power supply destination: Asahi Shimbun Digital

PC Remote Control Incident, Lawyers' PR Problems Thinking about STAP Cells: Nabetelu Business Daily

Doctor suicide suicide, hospital side also approved compensation order power hara of 80 million yen - entertainment society - SANSPO.COM (Sansupo)

◆ Lifestyle (life, life, health)
Is not it inappropriate to introduce nuclear medicine examinations for comparison in the event of a nuclear disaster? - Togetter Summary

Yamamoto Mr. Ichiro and Lost Link - Togetter Summary

Personal conclusion on attaching harness to children - walls to hit

Why are Japanese roads on the left side? Behind the history found by investigation | Kemega's weblog

Investigate "nesting" private consumption by consumption increase tax, shop and refrain from going out: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

In the question that chooses one thing that it thinks that time spent decreases with tax increase, "shopping" is top with 22% accounting. "Family going out" (11%) followed.

I'd like your child to make it happen "If you are in a traffic accident" - Otsukae

◆ IT · Gadget (Net · Soft · Hard · Mobile)
Study note: About investment failure

A loss of investment for a small Early stage investment association like myself is because the original premium is relatively small, so even if the total loss is small, the impact is small.
The biggest investment failure seems to be an invisible loss of opportunity that "I did not invest in though it should have invested".

Here are some representative failure examples.

Amazon is neither an angel nor a devil «Magazine navigation [k ??]

Google Japan Blog: Cast your favorite online videos and movies on Chromecast
the price is4200 yen.

Public wireless LAN Open to NHK in case of disaster NHK News

The guidelines of industry groups that made it possible for anyone to use the mobile phone company 's wireless LAN which only contractors can use now in the event of a large - scale disaster gathered will be put to practical use by March next year It was.

On the utilization of public wireless LAN

Based on the demonstration experiment in Kamaishi City and Sendai City conducted in September 2013, the Liaison Committee announced the "Guidelines on Free Liberation of Public Wireless LAN in the Event of Large Scale Disasters", so we announce it. In this guideline, each business entity that provides public wireless LAN clarifies notes and desirable matters when considering and preparing corresponding measures in advance for the occurrence of large-scale disasters, and the world's first * 2 We will include the establishment of the unified SSID for disaster "00000JAPAN", the time to establish the definition of large-scale disasters free to open free and measures to be taken, the recommended large-scale disaster portal etc are stated.

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Production of animation "Tenchi Muyo" new series on Takahashi stage, advertising expenses of the city paid - Sanyo news news

It will be finished in about 50 episodes per episode 5 minutes, and the Tokyo metropolitan area will be broadcast on the weekday night from October at a TV station in the broadcasting area · Tokyo Metropolitan Television. DVD conversion is also planned.

This summer I will be able to meet Ichigo-chan ♪ "Aikatsu! LIVE ☆ Illusion" to be held !! - News: Work information | SUNRISE Inc.

This summer, it's cool! Live with fusion of the first hologram image and projection mapping
"Aikatsu! LIVE ☆ Illusion" is held decision!

Gree and KADOKAWA, a new work SLG "Personification of the castle in Japan" Shirohime Quest "is decided to be delivered this summer" GREE "! Is" Ship Que "next to" Ship this "? | Social Game Info

Released all-in-one entertainment system "Xbox One" at 39,980 yen *

"Homo wolf" "Otaku wolf" ... ... "discrimination consciousness" lurking in the human wolf arrangement game (excite review) - excite news (1/2)

Gon Nakayama: Director of football and pretty cure voice actor - MANTANWEB (MANTAN web)

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Entertainers who were crime victims - Turn on the soul of a man!

"Shawshank's Sky", after 20 years from publication to the interested parties profit: movie news - movies. Com

Yuki Saito "The name" Prince Handkerchief "was awfully disgusted", "I was making characters": What is J (a summary)?

Current affairs dot com: "Professional baseball 16 team" proposal = Launch of the Federation also during the current Diet session - LDP

The convention name is "2014 Tour de France" Saitama Critellium Executive Committee held, Course Proposal also presented - cyclist

AKB48 theater closed this month to the NHK News

Management executives "Do not give in to terrorism" declare the installation of metal detectors ... AKB raid incident: entertainment: sports broadcast

[Mageles] How the music industry is finished I will teach it gently [2 ch summary]

◆ New product (clothing / food / housing)
Rakuten Cafe (Rakuten CAFE): Shibuya Koen Dori NEW Open!

From carefully selected sweets in Rakuten Ichiba to alcoholic beverages and wine,
A cafe where you can enjoy gourmet unique to Rakuten, it is Rakuten Cafe.

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