"TinyTesla" you can enjoy your favorite songs with the melody playing the lightning bolt

The lightning pulse instruments that sounds are generated by the lightning striking Tesla coil and can play melody freely is called "TinyTesla"is.

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Musical instruments such as pianos and drums vibrate strings and membranes to push nearby air to create dense and sparse parts in the air and the air is transmitted to the ears and vibrates the eardrum to hear the sound It is structured. TinyTesla is a musical instrument that uses Tesla coil's lightning instead of this string or membrane. You can understand what kind of hardware it is, by seeing the following movie with a single shot.

TinyTesla the Little Singing Tesla Coil Anyone Can Build - YouTube

Tesla coilIs a device that can generate lightning in the air with high frequencies by resonating two coils.

Lightning is thin depending on the output ......

You can freely make thick things, and its sound varies according to the size of the lightning bolt.

By adjusting this lightning, "sparkling instrument" that can enjoy the melody playing the lightning bolt is tinyTesla.

TinyTesla was born from MIT's laboratory.

TinyTesla's base kit can be assembled by anyone who has soldering experience.

Already releasedOneTeslaTSThen, by connecting with a MIDI sound source with a USB cable, we have created a lightning of your choice freely and succeeded in "listening" to the lightning bolt.

However, OneTeslaTS had the disadvantage that skill is necessary and it is expensive to assemble a little big.

Therefore, oneTeslaTS has been improved, it is more compact and easy to assemble, it was tinyTesla that was born to realize a price less than half price.

Movie by tinyTeslaPirates of the CaribbeanYou can check how you play the theme song of "The following movie.

TinyTesla: Pirates of the Caribbean - YouTube

MIT's student, the development team of tinyTesla, was the centerOneTeslaIs a cloud funding siteKickstarterAt the front model ·OneTeslaTS projectSuccessfully succeeded in realizing the product. When I started the Kickstarter project again with tinyTesla with further improvements, I succeeded in gathering already 176,000 dollars (about 18 million yen) for the target amount of 20,000 dollars (about 2 million yen) It is.

In the tinyTesla project, you can get a set of kits that you can make your own tinyTesla with an investment of $ 149 (about 15,000 yen), and you can get a book bound by an additional investment of $ 10 (about 1000 yen).

The deadline for investing in the tinyTesla project is Japan time and it is until 2:48 am on August 16, 2014.

TinyTesla: the Little Singing Tesla Coil Anyone Can Build by oneTesla - Kickstarter

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