Psychological experiment without dating system SNS without user, even if poor compatibility is said to be the "best partner" it will work


FacebookOfficially apologize by psychological experiment without user's permissionI did, but dating SNSOkCupidOn the blog that I was doing the experiment of "Why will it happen if I tell people that they are compatible with two people with poor compatibility?", "What will happen if some user's profile text is not displayed?" did.

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Experiments that OkCupid said was done "Remove photos from the site for a certain period of time, see what kind of change," "Hide the text in the profile field of some users" "Good compatibility Three: "tell the user" bad compatibility "or tell" bad compatibility "to users who are not compatible.

◆ Experiment 1: Love is blind

ByKarrie Nodalo

Originally OkCupidBlind dateThe idea that the staff thought "is genius" failed greatly, and the application which developed over a year and a half went out from the App Store in less than six months though it was developing an application to establish It was.

However, in order to celebrate the fact that we released an application of self-proclaimed genius idea that "you can date without knowing who you are," January 15, 2013 "Love Is Blind Day" I will do some experiments. Currently open dating SNSOkCupidI took all the photos out of it and created a "Blind" state.

As a result, the following things become clear.

· The response to the message increased by 44% compared to the normal day in 7 hours when the picture was removed
· Conversation lasts long
· Contacts are taken at a better tempo
In short, OkCupid has been improved

The following is a graph of a regular day and "number of new conversations starting hourly" on Love Is Blind Day. On the usual day, the number of new conversations tends to become the lowest value before 6 am, and it tends to increase from there, but Love Is Blind Day got a new conversation with Gokun at 9 am when the picture was removed The conversation with a certain person continues from there, and the conversation with the new opponent increases rapidly at 4 pm when the picture was posted. In other words, while photographs are not being posted, they kept talking with one person without looking for new people.

However, this does not mean "appearance is not important". When the photograph was posted again at 4:00 am, the magic of the people who were talking in a state where the other party was invisible melted and a new partner search began. "It seemed as if I had suddenly turned on the light in a midnight bar," he says on his blog.

Based on this result, when looking back at the data when OkCupid released the blind date application, it turned out that it was "I gained more or less satisfaction regardless of the appearance of the other party" It turns out.

Strangely enough, in the case of women, we also know that the partner is so-called "good man" has less satisfaction after the date. According to OkCupid's hypothesis, this is because there is a high possibility that "a good man" is a "fucker". We also know that these trends are common to offline and online.

◆ Experiment 2: Is the picture so important?

ByMarkus Spiering

Like many websites, OkCupid also adopts a system where other users can evaluate their profile. However, what is slightly different from others is that the evaluation is done on two axes "individuality" and "appearance". At the right end of the following image there is a place to evaluate two of "LOOKS (appearance)" and "PERSONALITY (personality)".

With two axes of appearance and personality, how do people evaluate people? The result is the graph below. The horizontal axis is visual and the vertical axis is personality, but the set of points draws an almost proportional graph, which means that "looks" and "personality" were the same for the user.

OkCupid disappears the text in the profile field of some users by saying "How much proportion of the profile pictures and sentences influence the evaluation?" And what kind of things will happen Was observed. Experiments using two types of users, who publish photos and sentences on their profile and users who only publish photos with their profile, found that the proportion of the text of the profile affecting the evaluation is less than 10%.

In other words, no matter how wonderful words are arranged, there is a possibility that you can not win a picture.

◆ Experiment 3: Power of Advice

BySean Molin

The third experiment is about the "compatibility diagnosis" message OkCupid gives to the user. OkCupid analyzes the success of message exchanges, the length of conversation, exchange of information, etc., predicts compatibility between users in a unique way, and communicates the result to the user. Is compatibility diagnosis really functioning really? So, I told the two people who are not compatible with "the best partner", and the users sent messages to each other. However, since OkCupid sends advice to the user saying "I'm compatible, so let's exchange messages", this is not a noteworthy point.

However, it is said that not only sending messages but also people who told that good compatibility will be more intimate. People are said to be "compatible", they can be intimate, even if they are not really compatible.

This result caused the members of OkCupid to worry. The compatibility diagnosis algorithm developed by OkCupid is garbage, because people were likely to be moving by implication. Therefore, OkCupid conducted the experiment "to tell the two people who are really compatible with each other, they are incompatible".

The results are as follows. When it tells "good compatibility" to two people who are actually compatible, the probability of starting a conversation is as high as 20%, which is a natural result. However, even if it tells "good compatibility" to the two good compatibility, the probability that the two are connected is high, and the question remains in the significance of compatibility diagnosis.

About a series of experiments OkCupid explained that "As users use the Internet, users are always subject to hundreds of experiments at any site," and although unlawful experiments are controversial, Facebook gives the user's feelings While I tried to change the experiment, OkCupid is doing experiments to improve its service, there are also views that the two are different.

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