"Samsung Gear Live" and "LG G Watch" decompose quickly, the contents of smartwatch are naked

Smart watches with Android Wear appearing one after another such as LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live, but professional group iFixit of hardware repair disassembles Samsung Gear Live and LG G Watch quickly and releases the movie.

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Samsung Gear Live "and" LG G Watch "equipped with Android Wear will be disassembled this time

Samsung Gear Live features a 1.63-inch OLED Super AMOLED display.

Size is 3.79 cm wide × 5.64 cm long and somewhat vertically long.

The thickness is 0.89 cm and the weight is 59 g.

In contrast, LG G Watch adopts a 1.65-inch IPS liquid crystal display. Size is 3.79 centimeters by 4.65 centimeters in length.

The thickness is 0.995 cm and the weight is 63 g.

The first prey to iFixit is Samsung Gear Live.

First remove the band part. It is easy to disassemble with the same structure as a general wrist watch.

Remove the four screws on the back lid with a very ordinary precision screwdriver (T5) ......

IFixit's "Plastic opening toolI will attack from the side part.

With this kind of feeling I was able to remove the display part successfully.

The left is the display · the board part and the right is the battery part.

First off the connector ...

Pinch the seal part written "PULL" with tweezers and remove the battery.

Samsung Gear Live's battery capacity is 300 mAh.

Then release the power button.

The green frame on the right side of the screen has a built-in Wi-Fi / Bluetooth combo antenna.

A red rubber gasket firmly supports IP67 waterproofing.

Next, we removed from the liquid crystal side a module for vibration.

This is a motherboard.

The parts of the green frame are Samsung's KMF 5 X 0005 A - A 210 and 512 MB memory. The part of the blue frame is a power control IC chip called Qualcomm's PM8226.

Removing the seal ......

A touch screen controller called CYTMA 545 appears.

Samsung Gear Live is broken down and it looks like this.

Decomposition (repair) of Samsung Gear Live certified by iFixit is 10 levels of difficulty 8. Since the decomposition difficulty is 10 the easiest to disassemble, Samsung Gear Live seems to be said to be quite easy to decompose.

The reason that the score is 8 is that you do not need any special equipment to open the case, that the battery can be easily replaced, but replacement of the display is expensive.

Then LG G Watch.

The band is the same type as a common watch and easy to remove.

If you remove the screws of the four green screws (T5) on the back side OK. The blue part is the reset button.

IFixit'sOpening PicksSpread the gap with ... ...

The contents are now visible.

Like Samsung Gear Live, it was broken down into two parts. The left part is the battery part and the motherboard and the display are built in the right side.

Remove the metal clip fixing the battery ......

Remove the battery.

Larger than Samsung Gear Live at 400 mAh with LG G Watch battery.

A rubber gasket looks something like this. LG G Watch also supports IP 67 waterproofing.

Remove the connector ... ...

I could remove the motherboard. The components of the red frame are Hynix's H9TU32A4GDMC 512 MB memory.

Finally decomposition of the display.

The liquid crystal display module looks like this.

After decomposing LG G Watch, this is the only part.

The decomposition difficulty of LG G Watch certified by iFixit is 10 levels.

Reasons for ease of disassembling include easy removal of the back case, easy removal of the clip fixing the battery, easy replacement of the battery, and easy handling of the connector cable. However, it is the same as Samsung Gear Live in terms of high parts costs when breaking the liquid crystal display.

In the future Smart Watch with Android Wear is Motorola'sMoto 360We are planning to appear one after another. In addition, HTC's published movie reveals that "It's not a smart watch under development?" Appears on the movie. With that movie, the problem scene is 35 seconds of the movie.

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Is it HTC's new smart watch ... ?.

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