Director Yoshiyuki Tomino greets "Mobile Suit Gundam exhibition THE ART OF GUNDAM" opening ceremony "I want you to feel something amazing"

Exhibition of the largest "Mobile Suit Gundam" in historyIs "THE ART OF GUNDAM"Was opened on Saturday, July 12. On the opening day of the opening day, Yoshiyuki Tomino who served as the director of "Mobile Suit Gundam" appeared at the Osaka Cultural Museum · Tempozan in the venue and made a greeting.

"Mobile Suit Gundam Exhibition" THE ART OF GUNDAM

Mobile Suit Gundam Exhibition THE ART OF GUNDAM | Event | Osaka Cultural Center · Tempozan

Hiroko Sakamoto, the organizer of the Asahi Shimbun Company Executive Officer Planning Business, gave a speech. In the Asahi Shimbun they are serializing related to Gundam in the latest, and that this event is handled in one aspect as well.

And despite being in the midst of producing the latest series "Lecon Gista", the director of Yoshiyuki Tomino ran from Tokyo for the opening ceremony.

Yoshiyuki Tomino:
Good morning. I was relieved to see you yesterday and I was amazed at the same time. When I was watching at the work site, the studio, things that surprised me happened when I saw things that were only materials, only things that were only materials, in this way 35 years later.

As we work hard to live everyday, I was told that I forgot a lot of things. It is an original picture and background of a huge robot 35 years ago, but I was made aware of what kind of vivid power it has. In particular it seems that the power that the paintings of Okawara, Yasuhiko and Nakamura have had they showed us that we should now never forget in the digital age and was shocked.

Those who call your age, I want you to see what it is, something. I think it would be nice for the children who are getting bigger so far that you can feel that something amazing is included in what seemingly fun looks. I would like to see it as it is supposed to be such an exhibition. I do not say "Please enjoy." I'd like you to think about what I said right now. Children are enough to just watch as "Wait" anyway, so please take a look.

We were able to hold the venue in this way and hold the Gundam exhibition. I would like to thank the officials. Thank you so much.

Following a greeting by Director Tomino, there was a guest introduction, Osaka Cultural Center, Tempozan Osaka City Dome President and CEO Mr. Minato Minato, president of Kenko Aoki president, Asuka Shimbun's Sakamoto Hiroko Executive Officer Planning Business, Tomino Yoshiyuki Director, Tape cutting was done by BANDAI Kazunori Ueno President and Chief Gundam Officer and President and CEO Yasuo Miyakawa of Sunrise.

"Mobile Suit Gundam Exhibition THE ART OF GUNDAM" Tape cut by Director Yoshiyuki Tomino and others - YouTube

"Mobile Suit Gundam Exhibition" is held until August 31 (Sun), time is from 10 o'clock to 20 o'clock and there is no holiday period. Prices are ¥ 2,000 for general and university students, ¥ 1,500 for junior and senior high school students, and 800 yen for elementary school students.

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