What kind of melody is the oldest song in the world before 3400 years ago?

The oldest song found at the present time is a hymn song about 3400 years ago discovered in 1950. The score of this hymn isSumerianIt was written in 1972, but when I actually played it, I do not feel the time of 3400 years, it is a pop melody more than I expected.

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Early in the 1950s, archeologists, ancient city of Ugarit in Syria, discovered a stone plate that would have been made around the 14th century BC,FrariThe wedge-shaped characters I was using were written. And it turns out that this stoneboard is marked with something like the score of "hymn" that would have been used in the past ceremonies.

It was in 1972 that this hymn was deciphered. I decrypted at the University of CaliforniaAssyrian studiesAnne Draffkorn Kilmer, who is a professor at the University of Tokyo, discovered that there is a scale corresponding to "De Le Mi" in a song written on a stone board, and "We have written letters written on stone boards for score I can match it with the symbol of "I said."

The contents of this interpretation are the same as those of the ancient music researchers "Full scaleRichard Crocker, a colleague of Mr. Kilmer, said that the rocks found in Ugarito "Innovate ideas on the origins of Western music," said Richard Crocker, a colleague of Mr. Kilmer, who invented the ancient Greeks of 2000 years ago. "I am talking with excitement.

"World's oldest song" made based on the score on the stone board can be heard by playing the following movie. In addition, the rhythm of the song has been created from imagination.

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The songs raised by Mr. Kilmer and Mr. Crocker from the stone are released as a CD named "SOUNDS FROM SILENCE" along with other songs, and it is also possible to purchase from the following page.

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I feel it is a melody that seems to be crying without feeling uncomfortable even if it flows in the game etc. when I listen.

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