What is the future of Google that Google's Larry Page and Sergey Brin talked about?

Google co-founder Larry Page and Sergey Brin (Sergei Brin) responded to a 40-minute long interview at venture capital Khosla Ventures event. Both in an interviewPage Rank, Future prospects, automatic driving cars, and many other things.

Fireside chat with Google co-founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin with Vinod Khosla - YouTube

The state of the interview is distributed on YouTube full-length, and on the site of Khosla Ventures you can read what was transcribed.

Fireside chat with Google co-founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin | Khosla Ventures

◆ Page Rank
The story starts with the algorithm "page rank" that Google uses to determine the importance of web pages. According to Mr. Brin, page rank attracted attention from many companies that were engaged in search services at the time,Infoseek·Excite·LycosIt seems that there was an acquisition talk from.

Among them, Excite was founded by Mr. Vinod Kosra who is also the interviewer of this time. Mr. Paige, Mr. Brin, Mr. Kosra and other Excite employees participated in the meeting at the time, and the value of 1.6 million dollars (about 160 million yen at the time of that) was attached to the page rank After all, this negotiation was not established.

Mr. Paige said, "I thought it would be perfect if we could sell even a million dollars (about 100 million yen) to us who were students, but in fact we decided not to sell. Because companies wanted us, not page ranking, we wanted us, we thought, "What if we work at a company that does not believe in the possibilities of search engines, what is nothing good?" For the people who thought that using search engines would allow for a variety of things, "search" was very important for us, "he talked about why he did not sell it.

◆ Factors that Google emphasizes
From the acquisition of Page Rank, the story will move about the future of Google. Mr. Kosra asked, "Can you tell us a bit more about where the company Google is going? What's the most important factor for Google in the next 15 years?"

According to Mr. Cosla's question, Mr. Blin said, "If companies place emphasis on several factors, companies become so vulnerable that a lot of useful technologies have been developed in a wide range of fields, We have a lot of investment in companies and projects that we thought would fit in Google, but there are only a few that will generate a profit in the presence of such companies.Google XMy job to lead projects and companies that have the potential to make a big leap. For example, Google X has an automatic driving car, but it is one of the big bet that I do not yet know if I will succeed or not, "suggesting the possibility that Google will enter into many areas without being bound by a single field It was.

Meanwhile, Mr. Paige says, "The most important thing in the coming years is Android, what people have about Google is what does Google do? To understand what is going on in the world and organize it for people, think about Google Now, for example, users want answers before asking questions. I'm not wanting the action of saying "I 'm Feeling Lucky" next to the search button when searching on Google, but that actually is "skip search result and prepare answer soon" button It was planned to become, however, because the name was not good, it did not work well. "

Mr. Paige continues: "We still think that the performance of the computer is not good.Touch everyone to touch the screen of the smartphone and scroll to find the information that you want.If you are on a car you risk danger I can not do such a thing, I think that the information obtained from the computer and the time it takes to get the information are not balanced.Therefore, the computer is still useless.The goal of ours is like this It is to solve the problem perfectly, "Mentioned about Google's future.

◆ Automation (automation)
From here the topic continues to mechanicalization, the so-called robotic story. "It is a sign that people's work seems to decline steadily as the work is mechanized, automated, and robots are introduced.The same as when the agricultural population drastically declined from 1900 to 2000 It seems to begin to occur in 10 or 20 years, "Mr. Kosra who develops his opinion.

According to Mr. Kosra's opinion, Mr. Paige says, "I think that humans should live slowly in such a time as to survive, and everyone has to work hard until they have abandoned themselves to satisfy the needs of people The idea of ​​being wrong is wrong The problem is that people are not aware of such things as mistakes.I think that humans will not be happy if there is nothing to do, It is also a matter of being aware of what people are saying about labor.


Mr. Paige talks from labor to employment issues. "We need to give something to people, we must be able to feel that people are doing what they need, asked for, and doing something productive, but with that kind of human being Problems such as environmental destruction will occur when the industries and industries intersect So that is why I am concerned about the current world.The employment problem is taken up around the world and the unemployment rate of young people is a problem in particular I want to work but I am short of work. In order to solve it it is necessary to reduce the amount of time each worker will work, that is, to shorten the working hours.I want the employee to " When asking "Do you want a special vacation?" There is no employee who does not raise hands, although many people need labor, but they also need time to spend on their families and hobbies, "Mr. Paige said.

◆ Automatic driving car
When the talk became spectacular a little, Mr. Cosla returned to Google's story, and the interview again talks about an automatic driving car.

Mr. Brin asked, "How does an automated driving car affect society?" Mr. Brin said, "I think that the most influential driving cars are in the fields of lifestyle and land use, The land of the parking lot is used for the parking lot and it creates tremendous waste.The road also uses many of the space of the land and it can not be said that it is a very good situation.The automatic driving car is used when necessary As we provide car styles, we will no longer own cars, and as a result we will not need much parking space. "

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◆ The appearance that a large company should be
Next is an interview on a topic titled "What are the criteria for focusing on what criteria are determined for Google in the field of business in a wide range of fields?"

Paige Mr. If you did not only operated "incredibly big companies five of business, then I think that waste, if .3 million people of all employees that will not give also good effect on the employee is not the same thing, employees do not get the stimulus from work. Steve jobs you ever have said to me once, "I Google is overkill a lot of things." I replied, "it is the street" was. Jobs said, I think that to say that in a sense correct. But, my opinion is different. closely intertwined problems to solve each department there is a limit, after all, such a issue will come up at the CEO. if the original, the opinion on such a problem is I'm such should be resolved before reaching the CEO "and while sandwiched between a conversation with Mr. Jobs of large enterprise organizations It will open.

Furthermore, "For example, I will not ask Mr. Brin about an automatic driving car, I like talking with Mr. Brin, but when I ask about an automatic driving car, it will not affect any other business It is similar to the map business and we are developing it independently.It costs less to develop a large number of unrelated businesses than to manage only one big business.Of course, Well, it is somewhat related to the automatic driving car and the map business, but it is somewhat related, "Mr. Paige continued, the appearance of a large company should be I have expressed my own opinion about.

◆ Health business
Mr. Cosra talks about health business that Google has recently expanded from Mr. Paige's big company talk.

For the health business, Mr. Brin said, "The health business has the potential to be bigger than the search business.We developed a contact lens that can read the blood glucose level in Google X. However, the health business has a problem that the regulation is too strict , Many companies in the United States can not enter the health field due to strict regulations, "he pointed out the problem which is currently held.

At the end of the interview, Mr. Paige looked back on her career and said, "Although I can not apply my career to return to CEO once I retire from CEO like me, I can not apply management to more than 20 years If we were able to continue enterprises, we could summarize it as success. "

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