"3D weaving machine" which cotton, wool, paper is printed 3D and weave the shoe sole

The evolution of 3D printers which can "print" three-dimensional objects does not know where to stay,pizza,candyYou can print food such as such as you can actually wearclothesYaI will build a house in 20 hoursThe project is being advanced or at the end of the phrase3D printer gunIt is causing the troubled situation that an arrestor comes out by making it. Although it is such a 3D printer, in a project by a student who attended the art school in London, we woven a textile based on natural materials such as wool and paper3D weaving machine"Has been created.

Oluwaseyi Sosanya invents 3D-weaving machine

You can see how the 3D weaving machine actually woven three-dimensional objects using yarns in the following movies.

3D WEAVER on Vimeo

I created this 3D weaving machineRoyal College of ArtOluwaseyi Sosanya, a Nigerian American who graduated from the Royal College of Fine Arts (London Royal Institute of Art). I made this machine as part of my graduation work.

This is the machine. Yarn is stored in the base part and is sent to the upper machine part.

Viewing from the top, you can see the countless iron pipes are lined up.

The woven yarn seems to be wrapped around the pipe.

It is such a feeling. When you see the movie, you can see the state of the weaving pipe moving around between the narrow pipes.

And this weighed object is weaved. Excellent strengthHoneycomb structureIt is shaping.

Even if you push the fist from above, there is almost no deformation.

However, if we change the weaving a little differently, ...

It got crushed with light force.

And yet another zigzag shape.

It has a strong structure to pull.

Mr. Sosanya says "I referred to various machines, but I was most favored by the movement of sewing machines and industrial weaving machines.Tension was applied to the thread by the force of the spring and I ran through the machine freely I was inspired by the appearance of a circle, "he says about the chance of making this work.

Using this machine which can give free strength based on material such as wool, Sosanya wools the sole of the shoe.

The material used was primarily made of natural materials such as cotton, wool, paper and so on, it was immersed in liquid silicon in the finish and fixed the whole shape.

The state that I actually wore is included in the movie.

Shape and texture that makes you feel uncomfortable as unexpected. It seems to be very light.

Because I mainly use woolen threads, I can feel the superior cushioning property at the time of landing from the movie.

Sosanya seems to decide to proceed with the project using that material, paying attention to the property that the yarn, which is a free material, changes its strength depending on the structure, and by applying this technology, it is possible to utilize this technology for medical and building related I believe in the possibility. It seems that the evolution of 3D printers is going to continue still in the future.

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