Amazon sued Web server manager who switched to Google

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It was revealed that Amazon filed an injunction against former employees who quit Amazon and worked at Google for injunction in order to prevent reemployment due to a breach of contract signed at the time of employment. Since high-tech companies such as Silicon Valley change jobs routinely, companies areSecret agreementMeasures such as prevention of withdrawal by concluding a contract and preliminarily tying off employees with a contract are taken well, but there seems to be discussion about its effectiveness.

Amazon sues former employee for taking Google cloud job, in new test of non-compete deals - GeekWire

Amazon sued was once a strategic partnership manager in the department of Amazon Web ServicesZoltan · ShabadiMr. According to Amazon, Mr. Shabadi was directly involved in overall marketing strategy in Amazon's cloud computing business. Mr. Shabadi, after quitting Amazon, decided to get a job in the Google Cloud Platform department, but this case is the case that Amazon waited for Mr. Shabadi's change.

This is Mr. Shabadi's Facebook page. On the profile, I am still supposed to work at Amazon.

According to the complaint, Amazon agreed to a "non-compete clause" promising to "not to get a job for a certain period after competing from retirement" in order to enter into an employment contract with Mr. Shabadi Mr. Shabadi after Amazon's retirement We assert that it is contrary to this clause to join Google immediately.

Meanwhile, Mr. Shabadi asserts that he has agreed not to recruit customers and Amazon employees who worked at Amazon for six months after joining Google. However, Amazon argues that Mr. Shabadi's "voluntary restrictions" with Google did not fully meet the noncompetitive clauses entered by Amazon and Mr. Shabadi.

Amazon has also filed a lawsuit in 2012, when Daniel Powers, then vice president of Amazon Web Services, switched to Google as the director of Cloud Platform Sales, Amazon said in a lawsuit that " "Before retiring from Amazon, prohibit activities in any cloud computing business of Google competing directly or indirectly with Amazon's cloud computing business after 18 months of retirement" ultimately "Powers Mr. Ban prohibits activities on Google's cloud computing business and contact with Amazon customers ".

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However, in California, which is the home of Google, judgment that "non-compete provision in high-tech enterprises is invalid" has been repeated repeatedly, and Amazon's and Shabadi's lawsuit will once again be used to hiring high-tech companies It is attracting attention as a touchstone to account for the effectiveness of accompanying noncompete clause.

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