Successful recruitment of purchasing budget for border monitoring / defense drone with cloud funding

Calling for fellows on the net and widely recruiting financial assistanceCloud FundingIt is spreading,KickstarterYaIndiegogo, And also in JapanCAMPFIREYaREADYFOR?In Ukraine, which is showing the appearance of involving the world's nations from the domestic division, the anti-Russian camp has bought the cost of the drone deployment to monitor the border with Russia like cloud funding We are recruiting at the same time, and furthermore it is actually happening that we will reach the target amount.

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Ukrainians Crowdfund 'People's Drone' to Patrol Russian Border | Business | The Moscow Times

This crowdfunding was done on the site with the name "People Project"Народний проект"It succeeded in collecting funds of 425,579 hryvnia (about 36,600 thousand · 369 thousand yen) against the target amount of 418,780 hryvnia (about 35,500 dollars · 363 thousand yen).

The image image of the drone being posted is like this. Although details can not be confirmed, from the description in the page it is clear that it has the performance of 1 hour continuous flight time, cruise distance 25 km, maximum speed 120 km / h.

According to the project, the merit of introducing this drone is
· High precision target capture
· Use of firearms is possible during flight
· High portability and rapid deployment possible
· Low visibility: Low noise, size saving
· Low vulnerability: Equipped with defense capability
· Comprehensively low cost, high cost performance
It is said that.

It is said that the collected funds are used to procure drone that will be put into monitoring activities in border defense with Russia, but in order to expand its operation, at least 10 drones are deployed as initial input, In addition, it is said that it is necessary to constitute "drone troops" of hundreds of machines scale.

Although the drones to be introduced this time are said to be inferior in performance to the most advanced military drones, the organizers of this cloud funding are not "perfect equipment" in every aspect, Since we do not have the funds and time to newly develop a drone with high performance, we can deploy it quickly by introducing this aircraft. "

Military information magazine "Jane's Defense Weekly"Ukraine's military budget is $ 1.9 billion (about 192 billion yen), while the military budget of Russia, a superpowering country bordering Ukraine, is 68.9 billion dollars (about 7 trillion yen) in 2013, At the end of May, another project called "Support the Ukrainian Army" (support Ukrainian army) called for assistance of 126.4 million hryvnia (about 10.7 million dollars and 1.1 billion yen) at the present condition that it is a difference It is place.

The situation of Ukraine is still considered to be bad, and on this site, attempts to call for actual battle for infantry units and sniper units are continuing.

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