Earphone "Earin" with ultra-compact, complete wireless body with high-quality driver

Many earphones that connect with music players and smartphones via Bluetooth and play music wirelessly have come to be sold, but at the cloud funding siteKickstarterEarphone that is looking for investment in "Earin"Is a complete wireless type that also excludes cables connecting the left and right units and that a" balanced armature type "driver that emphasizes sound quality and size is built in the ultra compact design unit It has become a product.

Earin - The Worlds Smallest Wireless Earbuds by earin - Kickstarter

What kind of product Earin is like is understood by seeing the following movie and so on.

A man trying to go somewhere.

Take earphones and wear them on your ears.

However, the earphone fits in the ears with Supori and can hardly see its appearance from the outside. Even with wireless earphones, the left and right units are often connected in some form, but Earin is completely independent of the left and right units.

The unit taken out from the ear is about the size to pinch with your fingertips.

Its size is 14 mm in diameter, 20 mm in length and quite small type. Inside this body, wireless Bluetooth chip and rechargeable lithium ion battery are contained and the weight of the main body combined with the silicone pad is 30 grams. .

Its structure looks like this. In the plastic cover, a board with a Bluetooth chip and an antenna mounted, a lithium ion battery with a capacity of 50 mAh, and a balanced armature type driver (speaker) are housed, and for light weight and long time reproduction, Additional devices such as GPS sensors have been omitted and have been designed cleanly. The front cover with dust cover is also designed to exhibit waterproof performance by ultrasonic welding.

The board with the Bluetooth chip and the antenna is also very compact like this.

Since Earin has a battery installed, it is necessary to charge somewhere, but its way is also its own method. It does not have a terminal to connect the cable to the main body, it can be charged just by fitting it in a special case.

Battery is also built in the case, so it can be charged when you need it even when you are out. In addition, it is designed to use a common USB cable for charging the battery inside the case.

Earin is also designed to make it hard to fall even during exercise in intense movement, but also equipped with an attachment for more secure mounting.

That is the silicon attachment "Concha Lock".

Cover the body of Earin like this with ...

Insert as it is into the ear. As the name Concha (≑ 耳 ぶ ぶ) shows, you can get caught well in the unevenness of the earlobe and make it harder to fall out.

Driver units that play music are often employed by other manufacturers for advanced modelsBalanced armatureType adopted. Compared with the dynamic type unit used in the lower machine, it has characteristics that are excellent in high reactivity, high sound quality, saving size, noise resistance.

Image diagram of the mechanism realizing complete wirelessness is here. The signal from the player is received by the left unit first, and the left and right signals are separated. And then the mechanism to send the signal to the right unit is taken. In ordinary Bluetooth it is normal to stick to either the transmitting side or the receiving side, but Earin's left unit is taking an unusual form of sending while receiving a signal.

Thanks to ultrasonically welded body, it exerts waterproof performance.

You can control the sound quality with the iOS / Android application, and make various settings to extend the playable time.

When Earin solicited investment at Kickstarter of the cloud funding site, about 175,000 pounds (about 115 million yen) of investment at the time of article creation against the target amount of 179,000 pounds (about 31 million yen) Are gathered.

The contribution amount for getting Earin is 119 pounds (about 20,000 yen). We have already gathered nearly 6000 equity investments, and the "Early Bird" plan with early discount is all filled with frames. For shipping outside the UK, a postage of 10 pounds (about 1200 yen) is required separately.

The deadline for investment is Japan time at 6:08 am on Thursday, July 24, and the shipping time is scheduled for January to February 2015.

Earin - The Worlds Smallest Wireless Earbuds by earin - Kickstarter

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