Graphing the hours, seasons, and days for which crime is likely to occur for each type of crime is

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There are things called "easy-to-get time zones and seasons" in crime, it is known that by analyzing criminal statistical data, it is possible to infer the criminal's psychology and lead to the prevention of crime. Statistical analysis tool "Statwing"Crime is apt to happen" trends that appear from the crime statistics in the city of Chicago in the United States is like this.


Crime Over Time: Visualizing Crime Data in Chicago

Hourly pattern
This is a graph that classifies the occurrence of crime in Chicago by hour. From top to bottom, you can see all Crimes, Burglary, Kidnapping, Motor Vehicle Theft, Narcotics, Gambling, Prostitution, Murder (Homicide), arson (Arson), it is obvious that time zones that are likely to occur due to crime differ.

From the graphs of burglary theft and robbery (Burglary) and car theft (Motor Vehicle Theft), it is understood that the theft and theft damage occur constantly throughout the day.

It turned out that cleavage of prostitution was abundant in the morning.

As expected, there is little arson in the daytime.

I can see that the drug crime has been suddenly increasing since around 11 o'clock.

It seems that gambling has hardly occurred until the noon after the dawn dawn.

Days by day of week
The number of occurrences of each day of the week is like this.

Among the many crimes that are occurring evenly on almost every day of the week, the funny results that the holidays are burglary theft, robbery (Burglary) and prostitution (Prostitution).

Annual pattern
In the 14 years from 2001 to 2013, the occurrence pattern of all the crimes in one year is as follows. While the crime tends to increase to the extent that one head can pass through at the end of the month and the beginning of the month, the remarkable thing to notice is the sharp decline of Christmas (December 25) and the extraordinary number of New Year (January 1). The crime which had been hiding under Neri with "Merry Christmas!", With the shout of "Happy New Year!", The fact that the number increases dramatically has become clear.

This is an annual pattern on drug crime.independence day(July 4) andHalloween(October 31) and Christmas (December 25) seem to spend without doing yak.

Characteristic is the annual pattern of gambling (Gambling). Chicago's gaming is mainstream "dice game on the street", so in the cold winter the number of crime cases has declined greatly.

This is the annual pattern of sexual crimes such as rape and compulsion obscene. The biggest loss is the New Year (January 1).

Changes in the number of crimes cleared
This is a graph showing the number of crimes cleared for each year in Chicago. It is obvious that it is decreasing.

However, the number of cleared cases of murder has remained unchanged since it drastically decreased in 2004.

This is a graph showing the ratio of the number of cases (orange color) leading to arrests and the number of unresolved numbers (blue color) among murder cases. In the background that the number of cleared cases of murder is flat, there is a fact that the number of murderers not arrested rapidly increases, and seems not to be delighted to let go.

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