Pteromys (telomisu) which turns into a "flightable" paper plane based on aerodynamics even in Dragon and Armadillo is too great

A paper airplane that can be created simply by folding paper is one of the children's typical playing equipment, but anyone like "You can not make a successful flight ... ..." should be. Such a paper planeMachine learningSoftware that anyone can easily create with designs that are favorite and aerodynamics "Pteromys (telomis)"Nobunaga UmedaniHe is open to the public.

Pteromys: Interactive Design and Optimization of Free-formed Free-flight Model Airplanes

The mechanism of Pteromys is explained in the following movie.

Pteromys: Interactive Design and Optimization of Free-formed Free-flight Model Airplanes - YouTube

Pteromys: Paper airplane model optimized for interactive design and free-form surfaces · free flight.

Even if you make a paper airplane yourself, it is difficult to make it fly well.

Pteromys' system will realize a freely designed flyable paper airplane. Below is a paper airplane of the Armadillo model, which is a design that I want to suspect as "Do you really fly?" ...

If you throw by hand, you are flying Swiss.

As a method to realize this system, we first made paper airplane samples of all forms.

Record the sample flight trajectory with a video camera and convert it to data.

In addition to the simulation data of the flight trajectory of the sample, we made it possible to learn the shape and lift of the wing softly and generate an actual physical model.

Then it was made paper airplane design software "Pteromys".

The simulated flight trajectory is displayed at the bottom of the screen.

If you change the shape of the wing with a mouse, you can see that the flight trajectory simulator is fluctuating.

Although the calculated flight trajectory depicts an unfavorable line that anyone will crash immediately ... ...

When "Make It Fly" is checked, the position of the wing is automatically optimized, and the flight distance grew steadily.

Furthermore, when the position of the wing is changed, there is a function of automatic adjustment of the position of the tailplane, or when the position of the center of gravity or wing is moved with the mouse, the whole balance is automatically optimized in real time. With such a system using machine learning, it is possible to make an airplane that can easily fly even non-experienced people.

The airplane model calculated by software is cut out with a laser cutter and completed by just fitting in accordance with the cut.

As a result, the finished free design paper airplane looks like this.

Even with such a dragon model ......

Flight flying without difficulty due to design in line with aerodynamics.

Even with a fairly strange form of airplane ......

I was flying Swiss fly as it was simulated.

As a material, 1 mm acrylic sheet can be used besides paper. The cost is that any paper plane can be made with less than 1 dollar (about 100 yen).

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