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Hideki Owada's manga who made quite unique parodies of the Mobile Suit Gundam, such as Chara who is preoccupied with Tsuno and leaves when it leaves open, and Amuro who uses the new type ability for adolescence, Mobile Suit Gundam "is"Mr. Gundam"It was decided to be animated as a television with the title. Broadcasting is a short animation of 5 minutes at BS11 with July 6 (Sunday) from 19: 28 ~, TOKYO MX on Monday 7th July (Monday).

Mr. Gundam official website

By the way, GIGAZINE of one year ago wrote such an article.

"Yamaha MT - 09 - THE DARK SIDE OF JAPAN" depicting Japanese dark side (dark side) seen from abroad - GIGAZINE

What did Mr. Koizumi Mitsuo who blame suicide after the blaze burned down? - GIGAZINE

5 bodies of Baka Tetsu appeared in Famuta Bunko Figure figure "Fami ☆ Petit" can be accepted - GIGAZINE

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◆ Science (science · academic · technology)
"Blue" vein, actually "gray" eye illusion and confirmation: Kyoto newspaper

Poster of "rough guidelines for distinguishing" bad science "- hoaxes memo

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JR East "Consider connection of Haneda Airport and Rinkai Line" | Shareholders meeting 2014 | Toyo Keizai online | Business site for new generation leaders

CNN.co.jp: Asiana aircraft accident, pilot's mistake caused cause asserted US authorities

More than 60 women abducted in Nigeria, a Boco Hallam crime or 1 photo International News: AFPBB News

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I am a female college student. I can speak to a strange man from the time of elementary school. There are a lot of men in their thirties to forties, they are suspicious of behavior, and some people are not dirty because they see it. I do not want to be called out, as I have been getting attacked. How can you stop talking to me from such a man? | Ask.fm/meguro_staff

Report on Certified Circle of the University | Meiji University

Pictures and information on college students who were in front of Shinjuku Old Koma Theater are flowing on the Internet. As a result of confirming this content, it turned out to be a member belonging to the university certified circle.
I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience of our students.

For this matter, it was also an incident that occurred from excessive drinking, and it turned out that minors were included among the members who were stubborn. The physical condition of these members has recovered.
Further details are currently under review. We will deal strictly with the circle as soon as the results are known.

We will make efforts to prevent recurrence so as not to cause such a situation in future.

It is good to worry about Mr. Ekihiro Ueda who is the top number of trademark applications in 2014 | It is good to stop when you want to stop.

"Road station" on the freeway in the free section Ministry of Land and Infrastructure Policy - 47 NEWS (Well-being News)

Derail, same type of freight car JR Ebina Line Freight train: Asahi Shimbun Digital

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Technically understand Bitcoin

New fee of au "Kakeho and Dejira" voice call flat rate and 6 data available for each flat rate service Flat-rate service | 2014 | KDDI CORPORATION

4TB HDD cracks 13 thousand yen at a special price, 3 TB HDD also breaks by 9 thousand yen - AKIBA PC Hotline!

[Development example] Hatena blog Transition to Media "Operation efficiency triple". Reason why GourNavi launched Own Media "everyone's rice" - Hatena Corporation

Dropbox Capacity and price of cloud storage you want to compare just because it is at its best

How to Renewing Damaged GPUs by oven. "Let's bake the GPU everyday?"

Takeo City × DeNA × Toyo University to start an industry-academia collaboration and empirical research project ~ Introduction of programming education from October 2014 for elementary school first graders in Takeo City, Saga prefecture | DeNA】

Why do not you miss a nostalgic name on Facebook recently? - @ kimamanote

Apple withdrew reinforcement of review for reward advertisements. The rewarded advertisement application will start reviewing again.

Intel to launch a 3D camera built-in PC from the second half of this year - Appeal with "RealSense" brand to realize natural UI - PC Watch

Girls 'generation girls' youth photo diary 'Alfoo', fully chargeable - ITmedia news

Inside AdSense: "Magazine style advertisement" is now available

WebIDE is now available for development version Firefox | Mozilla Japan Blog

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[Pixiv] Notice - Really releases illustration "Ukira"

You can set display time (frame time) for each illustration posted in 'Uglya'.
PNG format, JPEG format illustrations can be coped with, so you can contribute a colorful rich illustration with higher image quality than traditional animated GIF, and play and pause that can not be done with animated GIF is also possible.

It seems that charges gacha riots are occurring with wizards and black cats

The story of "ship this comic award" is paused - 【neta warehouse】 lightning storage

Classic light novel special feature to read by death | Book Off Online
"Crusher Joe" "" Kimaira "series" "ARIEL" "I am a male high school student who is a sold light novel writer, but my younger classmate has been strangled to a voice actor girl." " Hero "," Correct Japanese in Aoi leaflet "," until absolute null solitude "

Game development to learn from failure (Dragon Genesis ~ The Bonds of the Holy War ~)

TV animation "Re: Hamathra (Reply Hamathra)" PV 1st piece - YouTube

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Domosaka blog: Guarin and colombian players comforting Nagatomo sitting in pitch after the game

Mr. Kitazumi's sports behind the scenes: The reason why Japanese national football team could not enter the final tournament (1/4) - Business Media Makoto

Okeno Shiko, starring "Moon 9" struggling against the audience rating struggle Tears Aya Koji Sho shows up on launch News - ORICON STYLE -

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"Biyresize Commitment Fruit Shikuwasa" New Release | News Release 2014 | Company Information | Asahi Beverage

House "Mature Kokudemicare" will be released nationwide from August 18th | News Release | Company Information | House Food

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