Spray "LiquidOff" that protects against everything from dirt by performing strong water repellent treatment on every garment

Just by spraying clothes and shoes of various materials, a spray capable of applying high water and oil repellant coating is "LiquidOff"is. Since it can impart oil repellency, it becomes strong against dirt besides moisture, it also has an antibacterial effect so it has antibacterial effect, and it is a spray that is more friendly to both human body and environment than other waterproof spray I will.

LiquidOff - Superhydrophobic Coating - The First 100% Safe, Non-Toxic, & Eco-Friendly Solution - YouTube

In the movie, two men wear white clothes, and LiquidOff tells us how much everyday life is going to happen.

When you finish changing clothes, have a cup of coffee in the morning ......

I thought if I thought I cooked coffee on the table grandly.

In such a case, if you apply a water repellent finish to the tablecloth with LiquidOff, coffee does not soak into the tablecloth as on the left side, and cleaning up is completed by the transcendental easy ting.

Two people are encountering a situation that will pollute clothes in various places.

In a puddle, I had a chill ......

Spilling drinks on the car's seat ......

Drinking a drink and spilling on the clothes while driving a car ......

You danded a drink on the clothes on a grand scale during meals.

Usually spilling so many drinks usually results in spoiled white clothes like men on the left side of the screen, but if you coat clothes with LiquidOff, no matter how much you drink, whatever drinks you drink at all It will not get dirty.

You can keep your clothes clean anytime, so there is no doubt that you will be lucky with your beautiful older sister.

How to use LiquidOff is very simple, first spraying on what you want to coat.

And leave it for a while until dry. It takes about 12 to 24 hours to dry it, but if you use an iron or hair dryer this time can be dramatically shortened.

It is OK even if you wet and soil as much as you like as long as the sprayed liquid dries.

For example, try putting shoes coated with LiquidOff (left) and uncoated shoes (right) in a colored liquid ......

You can understand the power of LiquidOff with a single shot.

Besides shoes T - shirts ......

Can be used for various materials such as hats.

Clothing and materials that can use LiquidOff are as follows and can be used for various things such as clothes, shoes, car seat etc

LiquidOff does not contain harmful chemicals to the environment, 100% aerosol free. Therefore, even if it is used indoors it is OK at all. In addition, although other waterproof spray includes many substances harmful to human body and carcinogens, LiquidOff is harmless to the human body as well as of course. So it is safe to spray on children's clothes.

Small children spill drinks and food well, but if you spray LiquidOff it is easy to clean.

By spraying LiquidOff it is possible to protect the clothes from moisture and dirt because water and oil repellent coating can be made, but how much it becomes strong against dirt is as if the ketchup drips like the following picture Even clothes will not get dirty.

Moreover, it is possible to prevent the color of clothes from discoloring due to sweat.

The coating effect of LiquidOff lasts for about 3 to 5 years if it is not necessary to wash shoes, furniture, etc. Clothes that need to be washed are said to be unable to obtain the effect of coating by washing about 20 times, but of course the duration of the effect will change depending on usage (friction etc.).

LiquidOff is currently collecting funds at Kickstarter and is collecting 57,000 dollars (about 5.8 million yen) far exceeding the target amount of 25,000 dollars (about 2.55 million yen), so it is commercialized It is almost certain. You can get one 375 ml LiquidOff that can waterproof seven T-shirts or 28 pairs of shoes with a contribution of 55 dollars (about 5600 yen), and if you contribute 99 dollars (about 10,000 yen), you can have one 750 ml LiquidOff It is possible to get. Delivery is around September 2014 and a separate $ 15 (about 1500 yen) is required for delivery outside the United States.

LiquidOff's contribution deadline is until 12 o'clock on July 20, 2014.

LiquidOff: The Magical, Self-Cleaning, Water Repelling Spray by Aken Technologies, LLC - Kickstarter

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