I tried four kinds of limited period Pino of Matcha, Vanilla, Caffe latte, Melon

Speaking of Pinot, Morinaga Milk Industry is selling a bite-sized ice cream that melts in the mouth, but from Monday, June 16, "Matcha spreading scent Pino"Vanilla · caffe latte · melon packed"Pinot season assorted"Was released. Uji tea (tea ceremony) which can be harvested in mountain-like topography is used for Matcha, and I bought both and bought it because sort pack contains the first "Melon" in Pino's history .

The long-awaited popular flavor appeared to power up! Notification of limited-time release in the whole country from June 16 (Monday) "Mixed with Pinot fragrant spreading" fragrant rich Uji tea (tea) (* 1) "

Melon flavor of the season comes first in summer! "Pinot Season Assort" which can enjoy the taste of limited only now, from the 16th June (Monday) announcement of the limited time release in the whole country

The green package on the left is "Matcha spreading Pino scent", the light blue package on the right is "Pinot season assorted".

"Matcha spreading the scent of pino (120 yen tax)" is the same size feeling as vanilla of red and white mini pack.

The photo of Matcha that entered the vessel is printed.

On the back side is written "Matcha chocolate coating mixed with Uji tea leaves" "Matcha ice with bitter taste and umami using Uji coffee".

Milk fat content is 5.0%, raw materials such as dairy products · chocolate coating · sugar · syrup · vegetable oil · green tea · tea · tea · emulsifier etc.

32 kcal per grain, 192 kcal when you eat all six entries.

Opened from the side of the box.

When opened it contained six green pins.

Coating is not brown chocolate coating, but powdered tea chocolate coating is used.

The cut section looks something like this. The ice cream inside is also matched.

When eating Pakuto, Pino 's melting in the mouth is still alright, Matcha chocolate coating and Matcha ice are very smooth. The price is 120 yen by tax, but with this impression that Matcha that is pretty solid is used for this price range ice cream, you can taste the bitterness and umami of Matcha as written in the package.

"Pinot season assorted (500 yen tax excluded)" contains 26 pieces of vanilla · caffe latte · melon of individually wrapped Pino.

Photographs of caffe latte · melon are also printed. Vanilla is white, coffee latte is light brown, and melon seems slightly green.

The explanation of vanilla · caffe latte · melon is written, coffee latte is using coffee extract of caffeiness, melon uses 9% fresh juice of mask melon.

Both milk fat contents are 8%, and chocolate coating · coffee · melon juice can be confirmed respectively.

The calorie is 31 kcal of vanilla, 31 kcal of caffe latte, 32 kcal of melon, slightly higher melon only.

For each individual packaging, vanilla is red · coffee latte is like beige · melon is yellow green.

When you cut each, you can see that the section color is different.

Vanilla has a taste of chilled milk and a good taste of chocolate that melts in the mouth. However, vanilla taste is hardly felt by name. It seems that Ice is frosty, so it is more likely to be summer than rich ice cream.

Coffee latte mixes slightly bitter coffee taste with chocolate taste "Cafe mochaIt looks like a finish. Because it is caffeiness, it seems to be good for people who are not good at caffeine.

Melon has just the same Morinaga milk ice cream "MOW mask melonThe taste was similar to. The taste of chocolate is thinner than vanilla and caffe latte and finished in ice which makes the taste of mask melon firmly.

Both are limited-time sales, so it seems better to buy a person who likes Pino earlier.

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