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Nissin Foods was cup noodle 's first noodle on July 7 "Cup noodle light SomenWe will release. In Nissin, we have proposed a new way of eating "ICE cup noodles in the summer" which puts ice on the cup noodles and chilled, and we are making a suggestion of a new way of eating from 2012, and also make "New Cup Noodle Light Somen" made of hot water Even cold it is OK to eat. The price is 170 yen per meal (excluding tax).

By the way, GIGAZINE of one year ago wrote such an article.

Danbo collaboration mobile battery "cheero Power Plus DANBOARD version" photo review - GIGAZINE

I tried playing with quite elaborately made Steve Jobs' doll legend Toys' 1/6 scale Steve Jobs' - GIGAZINE

Using anonymous communication system "Tor" or encrypted mail raises the possibility of holding data in NSA - GIGAZINE

The set meal style in Japan is a classic menu Colombian food situation is too wonderful - GIGAZINE

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VIPPER I: [Image] I want this kind of collage image of JoJo

◆ Science (science · academic · technology)
One British taxi driver, one photo to the mummy for 3000 years of humanity International News: AFPBB News

Dnieper rocket successfully launches 33 small satellites simultaneously | Dnieper | sorae.jp

Identify weak points of drug-resistant bacteria, to prevent the construction of a strong outer membrane Advance research photograph 1 international news: AFPBB News

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Directly apologize to Suzuki Togei, Shiomura Shiomura of sexual harassment remarks - MSN Sankei News

Naomi Shimomura who cried in pride and the personality of a member of Congressman are talks on the net. A movie that was out of fear of love is too much www: IT bulletin

Such a politician of the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly is everyone's tax bowl! (Naoto Tenki) - Individual - Yahoo! News

Koji in Parliament, what's going on in a foreign country? "Vulgar unraveling unit" is indispensable for democracy - Market Hack

Looking at the book and looking at the forest: The appearance of the Congress in 19th year "The inside of the imperial parliament with a lot of folly"

"Speakers speak out," Liberal Democratic Secretary - MSN Sankei News

More than one Liberal Democratic Council "Yazi to be a problem so far": Asahi Shimbun Digital

City Council Yagi: female contempt, overwhelming ripples Olympic image down - also Mainichi Newspaper

Study "cancellation" Taiwan strong protests against Japan at the Chronicle Exhibition Poster | THE PAGE (THE PAGE)

Current affairs dot com: "JK walk" is trafficking in person = US Department of State annual report

Will the armed organization "ISIS" expand its power, whether Iraq will be divided into three? The future that will be visible from the bottom of the abyss of sectarian conflict: JBpress (Japan Business Press)

Iraq is also sinking to the bottom of the abyss. It was shocking for the Iraqi people that the second Iraqi city Mosul fell inadvertently to the offensive of the Al-Qaeda armed group "ISIS (Islamic state of Iraq and Sharm)". As the slogan "surviving and expanding (baqiya wa tatamadad)", ISIS revived like a phoenix bird.

Takeda Pharmaceutical, Organized Involvement in Clinical Study at Kyoto University Third Party Organization Survey: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Takeda Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., the largest pharmaceutical company, announced on 20th that it was systematically inappropriate involved in clinical research on hypertension treatment medicine by Kyoto University and other organizations, in order to increase added value of its own drug blopress. I was encouraging researchers to draw advantageous data. Also, at the request of researchers, we used graphs that employees made for academic presentation to promote medicine.

Deputy Director General of Sagamihara Police Station, dismissed by using stimulants |

Doctors Without Borders also threw Saji Ebola hemorrhagic fever - H1N1 influenza · Watching diary

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Komatsu Yasuke: The predecessor of Ginza Kyubei has eaten at a shop such as "the craftworker who holds the best sushi in Japan" (Kanazawa City) | Tobu iPhone

【Research Study】 How to support students to find what they really want to learn at the university │ Research Topics │ Higher Education Laboratory │ Benesse Institute of Education Research

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It is difficult for South Korean authorities to intercept LINE use in Japan - Let's hang in a hybrid route

According to LINE's blog for developers, LINE usually uses TLS / SPDY for communication with the server, but when delay is large in 3G communication or the like, priority is given to user operability and communication is performed without encryption It is written that there is a case to do. Since it is said that the data center is in Japan, it is assumed that the remarks of the Korean government cyber security officials in the article of FACTA were provisional facts, at least LINE plaintext via the 3G line etc. with a large delay in Korea It is thought that communication was legitimate and easy to intercept.

My price is 650,000 yen: just "My notebook PC, notebook PC" - "NEXTGEAR - NOTE i1110PA1 - SP3" is too great (1/3) - ITmedia PC USER

"First, most important" consonant CM will reflect on Softbank grandchild President: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Hatena Cemetery - Full A Battle

Tears! After all I will go with Sony push. If it is this, it can revitalize still more. More Access! More Fun!

If you bought a special case, you can not charge with a genuine cradle as well as those who caught a business card or something, if you contact Sony, they will send you this attachment.

Aiko starts LINE to keep in touch with classmates from primary school │NEWS Post Seven

SSD of capacity 960 GB finally breaks by 40,000 yen, manufactured by Crucial (○ ○ ​​found during interview) - AKIBA PC Hotline!

Mr. Ikeda Hayat, Mr. Shinohara Representing the Views on the Article - The Institute of Entomology and Science (e-ism)

Just killing insects in Kochi and dying, fucker - no gains to get today

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Kimura Sachiko's animator blog: Is consumption tax raised and the original price has increased?

"The movie version" THE IDOLM @ STER MOVIE To the other side of the shine! "Insert song Lamune color youth" is released! And the idolmaster's club remix album is released!

[Newly published! 】 The story of an animation director family · Iyo's "Aniwood Boulevard" is decided to be a bookbook at Hoshiha COMICS! Frontline - Fiction · Comic · Web Entertainment

Nintendo's' Wii 'infringes Phillips' patent - British Court - Bloomberg

About arbitrary code execution technique in Rockman RTA: Brain's fiction - Broma

Feel the era "Cover Pages of Katsushige Park Katsushiro Park" Full Volume (1-190 volumes latest) - Ashimi's Diary

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From the Good Smile Racing ultimate mini Bello, appearance.

【World Cup Column】 Courage to do too much "Samurai" I do not qualify to name him - 47 NEWS (Yoana News)

"Design fee is 0 yen, but ..." Man who designed the World Cup trophy «WIRED.jp

"Regarding my daily life, it did not change at all, as the FIFA contest was not preparing anything for the sculptor, but since then, I was chased after various projects A lot of stories about the UEFA Cup, the International Baseball Federation World Cup, the Volleyball World Cup, and other countless trophies of the World Sports Federation came uninterrupted for many years and years. "

Painful news (No ∀ `): Colombia, 43 years old to play against Japan Goalkeeper appointment ... World Cup's oldest record - livedoor blog

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"Nissinomi no Temple craftsman Tomato Tailoring Salt" (released on 7th July) | Nissin Food Group

Chicken Ramen Big Cup Summer + Plus Curry | Nissin Food Group

(PDF file)"Releasing fragrance, limited time for tropical happy convenience store" 47 g Happy turn mango taste newly released "released

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