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From 7th June 2014 (Fri), "μ's" appearing in the animation "Love Live!" 7-inch Android tablet with nine decorated members "Diginnos Tablet DG - D 07 S / GP Love Live! model」Was announced that it will be reserved and sold at each store of 'Dospara' nationwide and through Doppara mail order site. It is a model that has been officially certified by Google, has a width of 113 mm, a height of 191 mm, and a Android OS 4.2, the CPU is a dual core processor "Rockchip RK 3168", a 2 million pixel rear camera / 300 thousand pixel front camera, IEEE 802.11 b / G / n compliant wireless LAN, Bluetooth, and the price is 18,000 yen without tax.

The first 200 people arrived in early August 2014, after that it will be after September.

By the way, GIGAZINE of one year ago wrote such an article.

"Generator of Advance" Generator that can create a windy logo - GIGAZINE

Multi-legged walking robot "Mantis" which can actually get on and steer by myself - GIGAZINE

High-performance exposure meter "Lumu" to be used by plugging into the iPhone's earphone jack - GIGAZINE

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◆ Science (science · academic · technology)
Shinshu University and other development of elements that generate electricity at 100 degrees C - Application to geothermal power generation: Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun

Plastic eating microorganism, Australia research photograph to help sink ocean garland 1 photo International News: AFPBB News

Riken Chairperson Kozo Mr. Careful Attitude to Dismiss NHK News

【Kansai's argument】 "imaginary" and "real" of STAP uproar ... "Science site" where young researchers said in "no taboo" (1/4 page) - MSN Sankei west

Hariko Kobo who uses sick diseases - Tricks of "STAP cells" and "STAP stem cells": days that are bad for the world

◆ Society, Politics, Economy (Incidents · World News · Business)
Stop selling Korea Federation headquarters temporarily NHK News

Violation of the Road Trip Law: No Brake and No Bicycle ... First Clearance after Revision, Document Sending - Mainichi Newspaper

Anne book damaged, men suspected of suspecting to non-prosecution Judgment that mental loss was judged: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Ebola in West Africa, the worst epidemic picture to 337 deaths in the past Record International News: AFPBB News

Submitted a request for disposal of city council negotiations NHK News

On July 20, a woman lawmaker said, "It is better to get married early" as a woman member who asked about the child rearing support measures by a general question of the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly that was held on the 18th, I submitted a request for disposition to the chairperson.

Representative Ayaka Shiomura requests "measures against insult" | Minna party Tokyo Assemblyman Otaki Haya official website

Lady to the lady city councilor, protest 1 thousand LDP, speaker not intentioned: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly: Protest signed by Sexual Haraya - spread over 30,000 people - Mainichi Newspapers

Calmly analyzed the fairy against the Shimura Representative of the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly Result: Economic News Seminar - Livedoor Blog

The city council who dispatched the Sekihara Fudo towards Rep. Shimura at the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly should be given a name, apologized, and should resign (Ryo Sasaki) - Individual - Yahoo! News

Honesty of beautiful Nippon: Nikkei Business Online

Supporters who think that only disgusting, unreserved, honesty that is similarly gathered in the vicinity of a member of a linguistic group who advocates true-principle thinks that it is their own faults, every time a member of the lawmakers annihilates If you give yourself pleasantly and arrange bad answers, each time you hit your hands like a monkey toy with a cymbal, it gestures of delight.

"Truly ○ ○ teacher, we can talk about what we can not say"
"I long for being numbed there"

Some politicians have a certain number of people.
They are stored in a classification frame of "hardball Han", "one-to-one", "direct-dialer", and are placed at first glance.

On the other hand, it is rare to stand on the top because of the lot of its false statements and sweetness aside.
Even if it takes a reasonable post, I will mess up that position with the violence of my own tongue root.

However, for that type of cannonball politician, losing a post with a false say, and getting a word of a word as a result of a phrase is counted as a positive career as a sort of "a wound beyond a man".

"That person is the real koto"

In fact, it gathers some support among politicians' inner circle.
It is because it is a case for himself to stimulate heroism for itself, as it is a wound injury whatever a man is, for a politicians politicians personality who is rude macho macho.

There is only minus for Yazi in the political scene - Naka-dori Kazusa not reading the air

Protest to Japan's Newsweek version

Shooting training around the Takeshima in Korea, "I kicked off" the request of the Japanese government stopping + (1/2 pages) - MSN Sankei News

Tokyo Newspaper: part 1 000 people recruiting Sakawa housewife? : Economy (TOKYO Web)

Sagawa Express learned that he will promote part-taking for about 10,000 housewives by the end of March.

US CDC 75 people touch charcoal bacteria NHK News

Royal host, withdrawing from China Employees do not settle as well: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Striking over Iraq but threatening the capital Baghdad Al-Qaeda armed group "ISIS" threat | Kawaguchi Mann Emi "Stuttgart communication" | Modern business [Kodansha]

Mitsubishi's symbol of "resurrection", a new challenge at the Okazaki plant | Company | Toyo economic online | Business site for new generation leaders

Drought situation in North Korea Worse yet NHK News

◆ Lifestyle (life, life, health)
Candidate work of Akutagawa prize and Naoki prize will be released NHK News

If we continued low sugar diet to reduce liquor, we lost weight and got better physical condition: Yomihiro Yamashita's Blomaga - Blomaga

Teaching method of con artist: Teacher \ (^ o ^) / Breaking News - Livedoor blog

Postpartum crisis has a meaning - Father's Eyes

Before becoming a parent, two years after becoming a parent, three years after becoming a parent, the intimacy, patience, stubbornness, calmness of each couple were quantified and evaluated at each time point. According to it ...

· Both married couples had a significantly lower value at 2 years after their parents than before their intimacy score became parents.

· The intimacy score was significantly higher for the wife prior to the birth of the child, but when becoming the parent, significance was not seen between the scores of the two. (Here, it differs from Benesse's data, only the wife does not get cold)

- Although the intimacy decreases at the beginning when becoming a parent, it becomes a stable state after becoming a parent and two or three years elapse. (In Benesse's data only follow up until 2 years after childbirth)

· Factors that lowered the intimacy of my husband to his wife were related to my wife being irritated with the life of the child, that my husband's working hours were long, and that my wife was doing work .

· Factors that lowered the intimacy of my husband from my wife were that my husband's participation in childcare was small, that I thought that children were hard to raise, and I was doing my job.

· My wife's stubborn score became higher as my mother became two years and three years later. When a woman becomes a mother, she often gets irritated because she is being chased by child rearing every day, but that irritation may be the cause of her stubbornness to her husband.

· My wife who has intimate feelings to her husband seems to be actively talking to her husband, not to endure it even if there is something unpleasant in raising children. However, her husband 's patience score was significantly higher than his wife' s score over three periods. This shows the tendency that my husband has a patience even when there is something to watch for his wife.

· Familiarity close to two lovers is drastically reduced when becoming a parent, but instead of that it is born between a couple in another meaning that it should also be a bond as a couple and it is stable in a certain state It is inferred that it will keep on going. That is, it is thought that the quality of marital relationship will change as parents become.

I wonder if it is just an objective explanation of the process of postpartum crisis.

The harder you get cured, the harder you get old age: Nikkei Business Online

Nakanoshima Library: Building for the first time nearly 110 years washings for the first time - Mainichi Newspapers

Do we need one information terminal per person? ~ From the case of Saga prefecture ~ / Kohei Tanaka's | ICT Educational News

Education in the US: Teacher's identity security is "infringement of children's rights": JBpress (Japan Business Press)

30% of cancer patients in salaried workers are retiring 4% of requests for retirement │NEWS post seven

NHK NEWS WEB Sudden increase in women Alcohol addiction

Suicide pupils students: 500 people Poverty in the background of research 5% 2% bullying - Mainichi Shimbun

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LINE About Mr. Ryo Morikawa President's protest: Shigeo Abe issuer blog: FACTA online

The 4K trial broadcast of TV which finally began. How can I watch it? - AV Watch

"Complaints" Become Money Hit Items Born from "Ichigo", Companies to Buy with "10 Yen" Claims (1/5) - ITmedia News

It is attracting attention that complaints almost like "Ichigo" will also lead to a new "business opportunity". "Complaints / complaints are mountains of treasure" and companies that buy it for 10 yen per case appeared. Consumers can dissatisfy and get "income".

Au's email service supports multiple devices. Available for PC and tablet without any additional charges! | 2014 | KDDI CORPORATION

Do not quantify engineers - smellman's Broken Diary
Although it has already been deleted,The first cause of the flames isAnd from there furtherRewrite like thisTo now

Think about the operational security of WordPress | Gatespace's Blog

IAB Native Add · Playbook Overview

I'm making big success with inserting Chromecast into office projector - Just a moment ago (2014-06-18)

ASCII.jp: How to use Google Web Designer to learn through full-banner production (1/4) | HTML5 animation starting with Google Web Designer

Origin smartphone BlackBerry announces new BlackBerry Classic and BlackBerry Passport! : BBB - BlackBerry Blog -

Mr. Nakayama, a promoter of "Mobile phone tax", "Every cell phone can be 100 yen a month or 1000 yen per month" - Sumo!

HTTP / 2 Getting Started - Yahoo! JAPAN Tech Blog

Report on unlawful login which seems to be a list type account hacking to Hatena, Request for password change - Hatena's diary - Function change, notice, etc.

Three accounts "I changed my e-mail address and made an application for Amazon gift certificate exchange" due to unauthorized login
However, Amazon gift voucher exchanges have not been exchanged because the staff has done procedures after visually checking

Until you can do HTML5 games ~ Speed ​​up launch ~ - Mobage Developers Blog

AWS × Startup! CTO AWS Battle's 12 consecutive LT summary | geechs magazine

Would you say something about ONETOPI / @ dis_1topi, which will end on August 29, 2014 | dpost.jp

An announcement came when "ONETOPI" which ITM started service in October 2009, will terminate the service with August 29, 2014. With this, all the contents remaining on 1 topi.jp will disappear.

First appearance of "Do not Ask for Permission, beg for forgiveness"

Call IPA, a site using vulnerable CMS including countermeasures | Slashdot Japan Security

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Life consultation TV animation "Life" PV - YouTube

【Keiichi Tanaka's pen and chopsticks - favorite of manga artist - Episode 2: Tezuka Osamu's "Chocolate" - everyone's rice

36-year-old girls high school girl (65th Chibutoritsu Awards Grand Prize) / Mikawa Eiko 36-year-old girls high school girls - Morning, afternoon, evening Joint Web comic site Moai

Amorosamente (65th Chibutoritsu Award winner) / Nozaki - Morning, Afternoon, Evening Joint Web Comic Site Moai

Mr. Nishina. (65th Chibutoritsu Award Honorable Mention) / Kyo - Morning / Afternoon · Evening Joint Web Comic Site Moai

Illustration of light novel is not a silver bullet for sales ups - WINDBIRD

I think that it can be mentioned that Mr. Gutya is expecting too much for illustrators as one cause of the disturbance.

As long as "Illustrator's fan bought even a little" I know if I feel like it, but as long as I read my blog, I've been thinking about "There is absolutely no chance of winning if I am not a famous illustrator" It seems to have pressed on illustrator.

I often hear stories like "Light novel is all illustrations", do not you? The default nameless Mr. Light Novel Board is "Annoyed in Illustration", and I often see the topic of recent lunabe cover.

I think that Mr. Gotani's only name to rely on the name value of the illustrator may have been influenced by being told that "Light novel is all illustrations".

Nix in desertis: Eroge version "Humiliation" is possible and indiscriminate trial version

Light novel "Kagurazaka G7" author, Fumi Mizusawa interview! - News - Animate TV

I wrote such a book, "Heart Catch Pretty Cure! "Mr. Fumi Mizusawa, a voice actor who is familiar with Erika Seaside / Cure Marin etc. In the past, it has demonstrated a multi-talented capability that is not bound by the frame of voice actor that the work entered applies only to the editor's eyes and that his own novel has appeared in the magazine. I asked Mr. Mizusawa about the reason I decided to write a novel and the points of my work, so let's deliver that pattern this time.

Togetter summarizes the image of the essence about recent game gaming (feeling like)

About manga's Chinese choreography depiction - manga empire

An official version of PlayStation® Mobile (PSM) development environment "Unity for PlayStation® Mobile" is released today

To what extent is it plagiarism? Because it is a rabbit - CNET Japan

Well let 's talk about the fall of the trial. Actually, the East Japan great earthquake occurred while this trial was in dispute. Bruna, who injured his disaster, proposed to Sanrio, "I will end the wasteful battle between each other and try to donate the saved lawyer's expenses to the afflicted area". Sanrio rides this, too and the trial ends with a settlement.

... ... It is a good story. At that time "coarse solution" was also reported. In fact, Sanrio has announced that "We will not sell Cathy's new products in the future" on this settlement. Even in disaster-stricken area support, I will go through all the details. Miffy may have been negotiable surprisingly.

When was "official website" notifying game software, when did it start? (Modify) | Inside

Although the Internet was not generalized yet in 1990, it is the time when the world's first web browser was made or not done.
Also, the Mario pages are written in HTML,
Version 1.0 of the official specification of HTML was released in 1993.
In other words, the HTML that can be handled by Japanese was standardized in 1997.
In other words, as I said in the article I will make an official website in 1990 (it is also in Japanese), but I can not do anything ...
As I saw information on Super Nintendo Junior in 1998, I think that it is natural to consider the page of Mario as probably as the information of past software at that time.

Decatcher ship this aircraft carrier w class

From the popular game "Fleet Kokuson - Ship this -", ​​the deep sea ship "Aircraft carrier" class "appears as a festive specification decatche! With its unique atmosphere as it is, big size of over 20 cm big presence up! Please enjoy cute lovely class even if it is size like the aircraft carrier!

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Young people who have a draw in Japan in the Shibuya even though the Japanese delegation drew with Greece (with images): footballnet [Football summary]

Hanshin fans who understand the feelings of supporters of Japan national football painfully: Market situation Kabu full force 2 stories

Mexican supporter discriminatory act or NHK news

C · Ronaldo "The crisis of athletes life" ... It is reported that the doctor in charge reported to himself: footballnet [soccer summary]

Ferdinand of Man U release, criticized Japan "pretty boring game" - Football King

Sergio Echigo to Greece Battle Draw "" This is our soccer "This degree is immature than any country." - Football King

Greece war break report. Yoshida's power play is not dependent on the essence of the problem - [J]

Maeda Niimi "Police are going to crush the underground case" - daily Saizo

Maeda I wanted to provoke me and wanted to get ramped up. If I cause problems, outsiders will not be able to enter the box office. They fought outsiders, fearing their players flowing outsiders, from their organizations. The way to do it was carefully prepared. A group of people illegally parked outside and illegally involving police, another group steals gastroenterology from the nearby condominium and fans at the venue, another group notifies the fire department "fire" ... ... It seems they shared it and did it systematically.

──What harassment from them even after the incident?

Maeda There was a lot. Prior to the convention in December last year, threats entered into the local Osaka players and central players, "Do not get outsider". As a result, local players do not go, local ticket's cheering tickets can not be sold, and even the second floor seats can not be used due to security problems, I feel like I got all the funds outsider. I am desperately trying to survive now. I have not taken salary since this January. truly.

A painful news (No ∀ `): AKB Aki Takagi (22), erroneous bombs with baseball players →" Fraudulent access hijacked! "- Livedoor blog

Severe earthquake in voice actor · vocal world ...? A celebrity lamenting discontinuation of drug production | RBB TODAY

Mr. Metsugoro lives alone in a banned apartment in Tokyo │NEWS Post Seven

◆ New product (clothing / food / housing)
It's Uma Kana Chips! "Tyrant Habanero BLACK · Black Curry Flavor" New Release

From July 21, 2014, Higashi Hato Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Toshima-ku, Tokyo; President: Kazuaki Komori) has announced that it will offer Uma Kana Snack "Tyrant Habanero BLACK / Black Curry Taste" to the nationwide convenience store route (General Route 8 We will release it on April 4).

"New flavor of" caramel corn "! "Caramel Cone / Salt Chocolate Flavor" New Release "Caramel Cone · Roasted Almond Taste" Renewal New Release

News release "GRAND Calbee" highly anticipated new release! | Calbee Co., Ltd.

Calbee Co., Ltd. launched potato crisp 's new taste "Sweet Strawberry" and "Uji Green Tea Flavor" from Tuesday, July 1 at "GRAND Calbee (Gran Calbee)" at Hankyu Umida Main Store. I will do.

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