Headline news on June 9, 2014

Garana carbonated drink born in Brazil "KUAT (Quatch)"Will be released on June 17. It is said that it is widely drunk in Latin America such as Brazil because it is compatible with meals and it is perfect for refreshing, so this time, Seven Eleven and Ito-Yokado etc. operated by Seven & i Holdings, etc. total about 10,000 It will be sold only at 7,000 stores. The price is 138 yen excluding tax.

By the way, GIGAZINE of one year ago wrote such an article.

I tried triple concentrated yogurt "Parteno" which does not fall from the spoon even if it is upside down - GIGAZINE

What really happens when dropping a drop on the water? Movie that shot at high speed "Surface Tension Droplets at 2500 fps" - GIGAZINE

8 points for becoming a positive thinking - GIGAZINE

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I participated in wanting to run Mini 4WD

Tnfuk [today's news from uk +]: Since the world has been deceived truly I do not believe anything anymore (; _;)

[Update from time to time] # summarize TL as a rambling festival by listening to favorite movies - Togetter Summary

Story advocating a presentation method to talk with slides - a frequently slipping story of Neathuckerburg

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Electrophoretic image of life science research was shaking - Survey on actual image processing of academic papers - [Science Postprint]

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Linear, you absolutely do not pay? Demand assumption of "should be", inevitable deficits, concerns about collapse with Shinkansen (1/2) | Business Journal

Big data "Available without consent" NHK News

Katsura palace down, Emperor's cousin + (1 / 2page) - MSN Sankei News

It should not be called misunderstanding child pornography [Child sexual abuse record] - Togetter Summary

Watanabe Tsuneo latest situation "It is difficult to walk even at distances of several tens of meters" │NEWS Post Seven

Trade secrets: Penalty for leakage, investigation even without complaint Government policy - Mainichi Shimbun

The government raises the maximum amount of fines for employees who leaked trade secrets to several times from the current 10 million yen and also fines for corporations that gained illegal profits by acquiring information are also the highest It increases from 300 million yen. Currently, we will consider the provision of violation of the Unfair Competition Prevention Law, which is a "plea criminal" requiring complaints by victimized companies, in the direction of making non-compliant offenses not requiring complaints of damaged companies.

Fixed Mac, good starba, what did you split up? Exploring Revival Measures Side Effects Collecting Customers to Buy Prices (1/4) | Business Journal

What is the problem with high frequency trading? - himaginary's diary

ROHM, a semiconductive company that accepts receipt of a receptionist as a capitalist: Market status Kabu 2-story building

Quarantine problem children, instruct in "special classroom" Osaka city education board proposal: Asahi Shimbun Digital

【Atsugi's boy child white bodies】 Can not stand and "Dad, Daddy" to the son who says "I am afraid and left the house" Last figure - MSN Sankei News

Big data "Available without consent" NHK News

The government's study group, aiming to revise the "Personal Information Protection Law" incorporating the rules for promoting the use of big data while taking into account privacy, said, "In the case of processing data so that an individual is not identified It can be offered to third parties without obtaining the consent of the principal "and summarized the original idea of ​​the outline.

There is full of mistakes in discussion of "zero overtime work" discussion! Understand the labor situation of state civil servants correctly, discuss the argument "Start from the official" | Yoichi Takahashi "Deep in News" | Modern business [Kodansha]

Can Thailand and China without Tanaka Kakuei be able to overcome the trap of middle-income countries? : JBpress (Japan Business Press)

"Drugs, prostitution" raises GDP GOI and UK add underground economy to statistics "Yakuza economy" and Japan as well! Is it? + (1 / 2page) - MSN Sankei News

Housework support Foreign nationals to support women NHK News

The government decides to utilize the "National Strategy Special Zone" to support women's advancement in society and firmly accept policies to accept foreign workers supporting domestic affairs and incorporate them into a new growth strategy to be summarized this month.

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A society where cosplay can be done dignifiedly

'S / The evil store where the child cries out

American men who converted their passenger aircraft to "home", Japanese style living in the plane | World | USA | Reuters

"Fans are born from" Make only products you want ": Nikkei Business Online

On the other hand, running the SUV "Let's camp to spend rich and luxurious time in nature" is the origin of the idea of ​​snow peak. Having set the realization of "nature-oriented lifestyle" in the mission statement, he has been moving straight ahead. Then the number of fans grew by themselves, and brand building was accelerating as enthusiasm increased.

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Amazon zombie licenses acquired by Nikkei Business Online

BIGLOBE announces trends in Twitter usage in May | Press Room | Big Lobe Co., Ltd.

The total number of tweets in Japan in May was 2,632.04 thousand, which was 109.4% compared with 2,377,800 thousand cases in April. The most tweeted number in May was May 25th, 95.91 million tweets were posted, mainly on the football women's Asian Cup final.

Try HTTP 2 | GREE Engineers' Blog

We oppose fund regulation! | Isologue

The left is the past, the right is the future ...? What is the correct direction of page feed? I asked everyone at the WEB store | Web memo

Mistrust about Facebook timeline control (Ehoshin) - Individual - Yahoo! News

Since Facebook's specifications will change all the time, I do not know if this article will work in a few months, but recently Facebook's timeline is very strongly controlled by someone I do not know.

"I have not seen you on my timeline recently, have you stopped FB?"

When I went to see the person 's timeline, I was also writing regularly today.

Perhaps it may be displayed if you follow the screen and try hard, but other people's writing is displayed with a higher priority.

Facebook controls feeds. Maybe you can be trusted, believe it or not - in between days

Verification of Mr. Takashi Uesugi - Comparison of NOBORDER and other paper articles

Media company NOBORDER, who is Takashi Uesugi's representative director, distributes articles to Yahoo Japan. It is pointed out that some of the articles closely resemble the preceding articles delivered by other media in some sentences.

Please note the domain name used in the internal system! ~ Awareness of name conflict (Name Collision) problem and request to implement measures ~ - JPNIC

The name conflict problem means that the domain name used in the network in the organization as "traditional" because it does not exist in the existing TLD "is conflicted as the same character string as the domain name newly added as gTLD , Communication closed to the internal network unexpectedly reaches the public DNS, or vice versa, etc. are carried out and confusion such as "service unavailable" or "information leaks" It refers to the state occurring on the Internet. Even for character strings that have not been used as TLDs, the risk has dramatically increased as the number of TLDs increased by more than 1,300 this time and there are plans to further increase in the future.

Items of Mr. Masatoshi Tsuchiya of wikipedia are ARE - No gains available today

The latest work of Dragon Quest, mass purchase without permission Unauthorized access to Rakuten: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Social is difficult. I decided to stop posting to Yahoo! individuals with this (Nagae Ichisa) - Personal - Yahoo! News

The fire on social media is the responsibility of the company, not individuals, is it? (Mitsuo Ando) - Individual - Yahoo! News

"Yahoo Japan who disapproves cooperative bloggers is a wonderful company that can express free opinions" Opinion and affiliation (Yohei Tsuneni) - Individual - Yahoo! News

Criticism of real name posting and criticism of "no problem" - Mr. Gururi.

Yahoo! Japan About Yahoo! News · Author's comment on Mr. Nagae Kazuishi (Kataoka Hidehiko) - Personal - Yahoo! News

I went to Google Platform Developer Roadshow in Osaka - kazutomo's blog

The current cloud service has a complicated fee structure.
Public cloud price declining rate is 6-8% / year, which is wider than 20-30% of hardware price decline rate.

Windows TIPS: Disable the startup program that is automatically started on Windows 8 / 8.1 - @ IT

Does evolution of responsive design change common sense of the Web? | Slowly ...

I heard it on WordCamp Kansai 2014! Three new features under development in WordPress are amazing | notnil creation weblog

Also in concrete 5 the next version will discard TinyMCE and the Redactor editor will be adopted, but many people think that TinyMCE is not good in WordPress as well. A new editor development project is working in WordPress as well. In the story of Sam, the release time is yet to be determined, but the development is done on GitHub. It is said that the development style now incorporates the new function into the core after installing it as a plug-in and verifying it beforehand. You can also install it on this version of WordPress and try it.

How to relocate sites / servers and smartphone sites suitable for SEO recommended by Google | overseas SEO information blog

【Ken Fujimoto's Digital Audio Laboratory】 No. 595: Apple Lossless High Resolution Can Really Play High Resolution on iPhone / iTunes - AV Watch

I participated in WWDC 2014 - Nakajijapan

WWDC had five days, but on the fourth day there was a launch called Bash! And I joined it because it was so difficult. There are no opening ceremonies or closing ceremonies, but ... Is this a cultural difference? Oh, I thought it was written, but I thought it was a nominal one to interact with the participating engineers. . . . Because there was no Bash program at all, if you were talking with a colleague, girls exchange in English! It is! I remembered that I talked with some engineers as I was told. I talked with engineers from various countries from Asia and from Europe. Everyone was fluent in English and it was hard to understand, but I was able to talk with tension with the power of alcohol. . .

What is the most unusual place you've written a program? | Slashdot · Japan Developer

CFO of US biggest net radio Pandora talks, why Apple - Beats is not a threat | All Digital Music

Tweet of variegation | I examined the actual state of image compression by Softbank Group.

Problems of 'Technical Trials' Thinking from Google Glass - Sumo Hon!

We are observing domestic and overseas certification passing point fixedly "Blog of mobileAccording to one of Google's wearable devices Google Glass,I passed the Japanese technical certification certification.The model passed this time will be "Glass (Model: AVT - 5 and XE - C)".

Although it may be said that this certification passing suggests that Google will introduce Google Glass into the Japanese market, before before Google has passed the technical certification of the product, but it does not sell directly in Japan There is an example such as Nexus One which is not there, there is a possibility that it simply passes it for the developer. I'd like you to be prepared for Google to sell directly.

Terrasur wear [Unity] What is new GUI, uGUI of Unity? It will be like this!

Google, bing's "Rory" related search regulation and contrary opinion submission method - Togetter Summary

WordCamp Kansai 2014, Slides and Publications Published, Summary | Orange Sky Intrigue

It seems that this Dotonori Doodle was displayed in the world though it was D - Day: Overseas breaking department log: ITmedia Alternative · blog

Hatena bookmarks lose the NewsPicks - the illustration of the bat world

I found out that venture companies can get along well with media | GGSOKU - Gadget Express Report

SOFTBANK 's 3 - day 1GB regulation and monthly 7GB regulation. Even if you pay 2700 yen (tax included) to increase the capacity - No money! SoftBank

I went to WWDC 2014 | taichino.com

This time the only mission that was imposed on me was to complain to Apple developers about the suspicious behavior of the AV Foundation and bring home methods if possible. Although I was consulting with Apple already via technical support, there was a history of how to respond to it, honestly I did not expect it at all, but expectations were betrayed in a good direction. I got a lucky senior engineer in charge of Audio to tell me the behavior of an undocumented framework. Although it is not 100% by that, it can solve about 80% of the problem, and if you get something, you got a business card if you email me directly.

So, there is a possibility that information above the technical support goes to the lab, and if I pass the festive element, I felt it is not an exaggeration to say that the significance of going to WWDC is in laboratory.

HTTP / 1.1 has been updated | The Long Wait

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A thank you and Miyuki Sawashiro

I, Miyuki Sawashiro joined the general man on June 2.

Domestica blog: Anime "Happiness Charge Precure!" 19 episodes appear in Gon Nakayama!

TV animation "DRAMAtical Murder [Dramatic Murder]" 2nd PV - YouTube

SPECIAL SPECIAL - From Asuko no Asukari

What is "Kagerou Project" boasting tremendous popularity in teens? Commentary on the ultra carefully - exhble! (1/4)

The matter of PonaX being too bad and review of amazon amazing - Kane Pura - My bokro is not so toneful.
"Amazon.co.jp: Minavi Shogi New Century PonaX: SoftwareIt is certainly rough when you see the review of.

Goods sold out Continuously, Yaoi Yokai watch | Weekly Toyo economy | Toyo economic online | Business site for new generation leader

Talking about the fact that a woman who began bicycling influenced by a weak pedal became a Tokyo HC champion in only one year - a variety of mores

Various characters are put on BB fighter "Neo Jeong" and versatility is too high wwww: Akiba Hell!

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[Pro baseball pa] What a play! It is! Imamiya catches transcendence! 2014/06/08 T - H - YouTube

Actor Ryuzo Hayashi died - Entertainment News: nikkansports.com

【With image】 12 teams No. 1 Ikemen Deciding who to help the threads: Nikkan Yakiniku Quick News

Hawk @ Hawks Blog: Stanridge of the first match against the old nest! It is a messenger against you!

Former Takaragene is a Gachiota? - daily Saizo

Eve of the 2014 World Cup, Japan Rep. V. Zambia Rep.'s review "Good news and bad news" - Football report of pal - 9999

Itoi Shigori around 40 years old "Reason I do not want to return" reason - Asahi Shimbun publication | dot. (Dot)

◆ New product (clothing / food / housing)
"Chicken Ramen Big Cup Summer + Plus Curry" (released on June 23) | News | Nissin Food Group

East Hato Co., Ltd. also expanded to new flavors! Is it? "Namisko Snack Vanilla Ice Taste" New Release

420 g "My" bowl of pudding appeared Sweetness modestly, a full-fledged choco chiffon, etc. released in total 2 kinds!

Hara Nori (Salt wasabi) June 23, 2014 limited release for a limited time | Kuriyama Yonoue

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