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Not searching for a wolf wandering among the villagers ... but instead of "Otaku wolf cards - Find rearing!" Aimed at finding a rearing filled in the geeks have been released . The basic rule is "WerewolfIt is the same as "Otaku villagers, rear wrestling with rear wrestling (rear beasts) are arranged. Card design is "Nearby 801 chanDraw down Ajiko Kojima. It is 800 yen including tax with 18 cards included.

It is "geek" that appears in the game

"Military geeks"

"Fortune-telling otaku"

And "Rear beast"

© Ajiko Kojima / Misonoso Bridge 801 Shopping Street Promotion Association / Space publishing (Original character character creator / Haruna)

By the way, GIGAZINE of one year ago wrote such an article.

Interview with Director Hirokazu Hara who finished taking the first live-action director "Hajimari no Michi" - GIGAZINE

What is a new food "Sirerent" that allows you to live without eating meat and vegetables? - GIGAZINE

Twenty year crisis caused by teenagers posting to Facebook - GIGAZINE

How did the 17-year-old girl win in Hackathon? - GIGAZINE

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Mr. Koppo, "What is it" to point out the error - Social news: nikkansports.com

STAP Problem: Mr. Sasai, Mr. Kosuke Komo over the frame "Enclosing" - Mainichi Newspapers

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STAP problem: Mr. Koppo, recruitment also special Exemption of part of regular review - Mainichi Shimbun

Why Sanyo Shokai Lost Burberry | Company | Toyo Keizai Online | Business Site for New Generation Leader

Financial situation of Zensho - I did love you

US Army Osprey falls and dies Training in the US | Okinawa Times + Plus

Remote control case Katayama acknowledged content of prosecution NHK News

Then the lawyer urged him and said, "I was deceiving a lot of people until now, people who threatened, those who were arrested mistakenly, those who lied and cheated, all betrayed everyone I am sorry, "I apologized.
In addition, when asked why the prosecutor admitted, he said, "I thought that I could send my e-mail asking for the real culprit, so I could not escape, I thought of dying but I could not die."

Is Japanese technology really expensive: Nikkei Business Online

Current issue of Matsuoka Issue Date thought: Will "Kaizen" spread to the world of agriculture? Toyota's new attempt (1/3) - Business Media Makoto

Not a volunteer work "Such refuse" | Distribution Weekly · Logistics and transportation, logistics general specialized paper

Three-dimensional reproduction by atomic bombing, CG Hiroshima Peace Memorial Hall, Exhibition Review: Asahi Shimbun Digital

The real charm of car sharing: Nikkei Business Online

ASKA and a woman using stimulants, Pasona southern president spreads to the media sphere of financial cooperation with funeral & entertainment personnel (1/2) | Business journal

Pasona Group joins ASKA related stocks: how the women arrested with ASKA whom is: Market situation total power two stories

Did you see the interview of President Kuroda? | Behavior Finance Obata Atsushi | Toyo Keizai Online | Business Site for New Generation Leaders

Vehicle order mistakes of the Buddha railway, problems with coordination system - WSJ Japan version

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What do rental schools do when retiring? wandering? : Nikkei Business Online

Whether to buy a house or continue to borrow is an eternal proposition for young employees. Regardless of work, concerning the owning house problem, even if consulting seniors, no clear answer can be obtained. "House owners who have already purchased their home" argue that "even if you continue paying rent, rental houses are eternal, those of others, if you pay as much money as you want to pay for your own assets." Meanwhile, the "rented school" fuels the risk of owned home strategy, saying, "It is unlikely that we can form a loan in the inseparable way." Their arguments only follow a parallel line, and it is unlikely that settlement will be made forever.

However, in the meantime, there are consultants and real estate investors who clearly assert that "salaried workers should not buy a home." I asked countermeasures on the basis and the living of the rented Achilles tendon old living.

The problem solving skills of Japanese students is high: Far Eastern blog

【Book Review】 The hometown of rice in Japan was narrowed down! "Who is the bearer of the early Arc island rice cultivation" (a quiet place)

Pasting posters of youth 18 ticks that are about to cry something: philosophy news nwk

However, I just wanted to say in English that "I would like to continue your continued support," but I did not get along well. - Boss Gagaga Foreigner

If you get lost America 's Final Defense Line 2 will shut out the store completely

A highly educated girl can not afford to work locally ... Absurd circumstances of local civil service working poor | Otna who "withdraw" | Diamond Online

Part of "scrub facial cleanser" to enter the food chain, regulate in the US «WIRED.jp

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Maintaining bulletins spread over Twitter's hoax for "Time Scoop Hunter" over a year - Diary of Hokusaiwolf

Thunderbird users want to know 19 useful ways to use

Things to know when a person who has developed iOS / Android application starts to make a smartphone game application with Unity 2D - Qiita

I listen to the electronic information department of the National Diet Library «Magazine navigation [k ??]

Panda update 4.0 hit eBay, search ranking greatly declined :: SEM R (# SEMR)

It might be better not to say CGM / UGM anymore: Thinking of Uniqlo Flame Case - WirelessWire News (Wireless Wire News)

【PCDJ】 DJ If you start with pioneer DDJ-SB is too strong Cospa case? Uinyan. Com

The PCDJ controller "DDJ-SB" that appeared from Pioneer is sold with inevitable cost performance "with actual selling 25,000 yen" while having necessary and sufficient functions.

From the beginning of the sale in the DJ area "Pioneer Nevertheless!?", "Buy CDJ in the past xxxxx About 10,000 yen money" · · · DDJ-SB was actually being bought and actually bought and used As I saw it, I felt that I could recommend it considerably, so I tried summarizing the information.

You are interested in DJ but I do not know what to buy ... "You," You have managed to do something because you were asked for a wedding party DJ this weekend! "You," I want to rise with love live DJ You are a must-see!

Aozorablog »When an electronic book is burned

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The JR Sobu line "Animation along the railroad" strategy is kill or fierce President explorer female department! : PRESIDENT Online - President

MANZEMI Pro course lecture Background professional edition (Kyoto Phase 1)

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ASKA suspects: Annaka City puzzle - "Mainichi Shimbun" to "Annaka instead of stimulant"

ASKA suspect Tissue positive sperm for immovable evidence - Sponichi Annex Entertainment

P · McCartney, hospitalized in Tokyo ... possibility of surgery - MSN Sankei News

JASRAC Mr. Tsutaka Murakami, "Clouds are fine and the fog is thin" in copyright "70 years after death" - CNET Japan

At the United Nations "The Power of Karaoke to the World" NHK News

Learn the way of music if you want to earn in life Just by fixing the habit of unconscious and reflexive exercise great effect: JBpress (Japan Business Press)

There is a possibility that the professional baseball team will be 16 teams: Insane @ N

A baseball player whose baseball life has changed to a person who is good to be transferred | Washo

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~ Thanks for the response from our customers ~ "Okinomiya original founder Tsukeme Burger (Mega Shen)" Limited release from May 23, Friday 2014!
Three types of goods that are on sale from May 18 th,was

Nissan stops production of the Japanese model of Fairlady Z "Roadster"

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