Removable ribbon type and stationary type LED light from smartphone, "Friends of hue" which can change color to 16 million colors and turn on / off with a timer

Operate with a smartphone to change the color from fluorescent lamp & warm color system to red, blue, green, yellow, orange, pink etc. more than 16 million, or express the photo taken by yourself with light, at designated time Schedule function to turn on / off when turned on · Timer function ·Geofencefunction·IFTTTLED light bulbs that can use cooperative functions etc. are "Philips hueAlthough it is a ribbon type and a stationary type light which can be used even without a new light stand etc. "Friends of hue"Was released. I was wondering what kind of feeling it was finished, so I actually borrowed two lights and tried using it.

Meet hue | Friends of hue

This is "Ribbon type LED light" LightStrips "

Inside, main body · instruction manual · notes included.

The light ribbon arrives in the state of being wound like a major.

When I pull it out, the ribbon-like LED light looks like this.

Several LED lights are lined at regular intervals.

Since the back side has become double sided tape, it is possible to paste anywhere if you peel off the mount.

Looking from the side like this.

Friends of hue can be operated from smartphones, but the lights will light up simply by inserting the cable into an outlet without a smartphone.

I actually peeled the backing paper and stuck it on the table. The total length of the ribbon is 2 meters.

When I feel "ribbon is too long", I cut it with scissors and it is OK.

It is made of flexible material and can be affixed even to rounded objects, so you can decorate watches and chairs.

And this is the stationary type LED light "Living Color Bloom (Living Colors Bloom)"

The set contents look like this.

The body is a magical shape like a bowl.

It is about this size compared with iPhone 5s. It is an LED light that shines on top of the floor or table with the feeling as follows, so it also works as indirect lighting.

How to connect with a smartphonePhilips hueIt is included in the starter setbridgeDedicated equipment called called. You can not remotely control by simply purchasing a light ribbon or bloom, so be careful.

Connect the bridge to the outlet ......

Preparation is completed if all three lights of the indicator attached to the main unit are lit.

continue,Google PlayYaApp StoreI will install the application on the smartphone from.

When you start the application, the screen like this will be displayed. As you slide it ......

The tutorial begins.

When the tutorial is over, "See what hue can do" appears and tap "Setup".

First, press the button at the center of the bridge.

At first, the screen "Scene" is displayed, but tap the menu button in the upper left to connect the light and the application.

Tap "Settings" under "Scene".

Tap "My lamp" on the setting screen.

At first the light ribbon and bloom are not recognized by the application, so tap "Add Lamp".

Once you have verified that 'LivingColors 1' and 'LightStrips 1' are added to My lamp, preparation is complete.

Select "Control" from the menu.

Then the color palette appeared. Here we move the color of "7" Bloom and "8" Light Ribbon with your fingers.

So I will start using the light ribbon first.

Paste it in a table ......

When I turn off the light it looks like this.

The light can be changed from the control screen to 16 million colors. So from the movie below it looks like you actually changed colors colorfully.

Control the color of ribbon type LED "light ribbon" from 16 million colors - YouTube

Bloom alsoBottomI tried using it. Although it can be used as indirect lighting, it also plays a solid role as a light source in the secret base.

Philips hueIt is indispensable for an LED bulb like this, but the bloom is perfect for a secret base because it can be used if there is little space without a stand.

I tried controlling the color of Bloom's light from smartphone.

I tried changing the color of the desktop LED light "Bloom" - YouTube

In addition, you can also intuitively designate colors using pictures taken by yourself. Tap "+" mark at the upper right of "Scene".

Select "Library" ... ....

Tap "OK".

Select a photo from the album in the smartphone, set which part of the selected photo to use and press "Use".

Next, tap the bulb mark at the bottom right of the screen.

Select "LivingColors 1" and "LightStrips 1" from the lamp.

Enter the scene name and tap "OK".

In the case of photographs of morning glows, we set the color of the mountain where we can see the sun to number 7 "LivingColors 1" and the distance 8 to the "LightStrips 1".

When I actually set the picture taken to the scene and write it, it looks like the following. First of all, the twilight of Taiwan · nine is expressed with two lights.

night shop.

Burning manMorning glow at.

Rose Garden.

The unique point of the hue series is that you can not only change the color to your liking by remote control, but also turn on / off the light with a timer, turn on the light at a fixed time every day, interlock with SNS and Facebook, By using GeoFence function with location information service it will turn off when you leave home · You can light it when you come closer.

I actually try using the timer function. Tap the hourglass at the bottom of each scene ... ...

Choose whether to turn on or off the scene, how long to set the timer afterwards, whether the light turns on or off as soon as it gets on, and it disappears slowly.

When you save the settings, an hourglass is displayed above the icon of the scene.

Actually using the timer function looks like the following.

Light ribbon & bloom lights with timer - YouTube

It is also possible to set the time and turn on / off the light.

Next time at 14:47 minutes I tried to set the light to switch to another scene.

I tried switching colors of light ribbon & bloom - YouTube

In addition to this, Geofence function and IFTTT linkage function, such as LED bulbPhilips hueAll you can do with Friends of hue is possible. It was an item that could be done by changing the atmosphere of the room garbly without using the light stand, in a different way of using the LED light bulb.

In addition, the light ribbon is sold for 10,800 yen for tax and 98,000 yen for tax for bloom from Apple Store and Apple Online Store.

Philips Friends of Hue LightStrips (Light Ribbon) hue Starter Kit Extended Product - Apple Store (Japan)

Philips Friends of Hue Bloom (bloom) hue Starter kit expansion products - Apple Store (Japan)

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