Google got a special gift from Google to a Pokemon Master who completed 151 pokemon master recruitment examinations that we went to April Fools

On April 1, 2014, 151 kinds of Pokemon appeared on the application of Google Maps. This is Google'sApril Fools NetaAlthough it was, as for being amazing quality and being able to play as a mini game even after the April Fools, it became a little subject. It seems that a special gift has arrived from Google how much Google received all 151 Pokemon on Google Maps at this time.

It's here guys!: Googlepokemon

Google is Sending Pokémon Masters Their Own Fancy Business Cards | The Mary Sue

With this feeling Pokemon has appeared all over the Google Maps app.

Since you can get Pokemon simply by tapping the Pokemon on the screen, a lot of trainers will appear that tap the screen of the smartphone aiming for Pokemon Master.

And if we collect 150 people ... ...

Miu appeared in a certain place.

And by getting this, the Pokemon picture book is completed, and it became.

One letter arrives under an American trainer who got such 151 Pokemon. Ten cards were included in the letter, and it seems that his name and the title "Pokemon Master" were written on the business card.

In the letter, it says "You do not have an employee who is currently in Pokemon Master's position in Google, so you can enjoy the April Fools joke", and signed by Mr. Tatsuo Nomura, a software engineer at Google Maps There was.

Although this is a business card, if you are closely watching a movie made for April Fools, it actually appears as Tirari.

Google Maps: Pokémon Challenge - YouTube

Google has always asked for special people.

And we also recruit new talent.

That occupation is ...

It is Pokemon Master.

Work content to exploit the experience and passion as an excellent adventurer in the digital world, to bring Google Maps to a new level.

In other words, it is not a job to catch Pokemon.

Google has the best talent in various fields such as climber Jill North, photographer Eric Gillespie and diver Matt Rockwell. In order to add a Pokemon Master there, Google has prepared the Pokemon master recruitment examination which is the most difficult in human history.

And the challenger who gathered all the Pokemon participated in final selection at the Google head office, and the winner who won everything started working from September 1st.

These were April Fools' jokes, but around the time everyone forgets when they send business cards of Pokemon Masters, it is truly Google.

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