SOFTBANK's new type of robot "Pepper" can be programmed easily with drag and drop, official developer's site & movie released

"I have dreamed that this day will come for 25 years," said Softbank's President Masayoshi Son directly announcing and presenting a presentation robot with emotion "Pepper"Official website opened, various information also began to be released.

Pepper (Pepper) Appearance | Features | Robots | Softbank

The movie is also released as follows, and BGM is famous for sci-fi movie "Journey of the Universe in 2001", "Zaratustra talks".

"Nice to meet you, Pepper" 01 Hen - YouTube

"Nice to meet you, Pepper" Zero Version - YouTube

"No sky will fly"

At the bottom of the main unit, there are three wheels

"Do not fight"

Head seen diagonally behind

"There is not much force"

Touch panel part



"It is not SF"

Front face

"World first, human robot so"

Greeting up and greeting

Something is saying

"Nice to meet you, pepper"


Also, a developer site for Pepper has been released, making it possible to easily create motions and conversations simply by dragging and dropping without knowledge of programming languages.

Become a creator of Pepper! | Features | Robots | SoftBank

In fact it is only 24 hours, a movie summarizing a crisp video that recognizes the face of multiple people and makes it possible for "Mr. Daruma to fall" is released.

Pepper meets Creators - YouTube

In terms of "Pepper meets Creator", where we actually make it by creators

It is possible to make it like this, it will be dragging and dropping

You can simulate how it moves in the window on the right side of the screen, and Pepper will actually move in the same way

That's why I spent 24 hours with Pepper and move it

Eight creators challenge

Trying programming with drag & drop

Discuss what you can do in 24 hours

We will draw various ideas brainstorming one after another, such as getting up in the morning, hand over the bag at the entrance, receiving home delivery, taking rice grain, etc.

In the end, "Daruma san fell" was decided

Programming in progress. Apparently seems to be able to control each joint individually.

It is possible to make it remember by showing movement though it does not do such a troublesome thing

Further fine adjustment

Graphic creation in the meantime

I will also move finely

In development

Register face and name with face recognition

Recognize people who have moved by differential movement

So start playing

Everyone starts to move

Pepper who moves the hand that covered his eyes to see everyone, and creators who stiffen

Bless with everyone because it worked properly

"You as well as the future robot creator"

Programming can also be done in common development languages ​​such as Python and C ++, and the development kit will be distributed on the official website of ALDEBARAN, the developer, during 2014. Also, an app store (temporary) that can distribute developed applications is scheduled to be opened, and it is also the community site · Tech Festival (scheduled to be held this autumn) · atelier Aldebaran Akihabara (scheduled to be open this summer).

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