Pope Francis prays, 'May robots and artificial intelligence always help humanity.'

Pope Francis , the 266th Pope of Rome, is known to have something to do with technology, such as saying 'The Internet is a gift from God ' and challenging programming . Pope Francis prayed that 'robots and artificial intelligence will always be useful to humankind.'

The Pope's Monthly Intentions for 2020 | USCCB

Pope Francis urges followers to pray that AI and robots'always serve mankind' --The Verge

The Catholic Church publishes a monthly 'Pope's Prayer Intent' to help deepen the daily prayers of Catholics by focusing on specific topics and events. The topic of 'Intention of Prayer' is different every month, but the topic of November 2020 is 'Artificial Intelligence', and Pope Francis said, 'I pray that the progress of robotics and artificial intelligence will always be useful to humankind. '.

A movie by Pope Francis himself about his monthly prayer intentions is available on the official Catholic Church YouTube channel called Vatican News , explaining his November prayer intentions.


In the movie, Pope Francis said, 'Artificial intelligence is at the heart of the breakthrough changes we are experiencing, and robotics, when combined with the public interest, leads to a better world of technology. If progress increases inequality, it is not true progress. Future progress should be directed towards emphasizing the dignity of people and creations. Robotics Let's hope that the progress of artificial intelligence will always benefit humankind. '

In February 2020, Pope Francis created the 'Roman Call for AI Ethics' in collaboration with companies such as Microsoft, calling for the ethical use of artificial intelligence (AI). In this, we advocate six principles to guide the evolution of artificial intelligence in the right direction in the future.

What is the 'Call for AI Ethics' announced by the Pope in collaboration with Microsoft and IBM? --GIGAZINE

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Pope Francis does not mention the six principles mentioned in the 'Call for AI Ethics' in the movie about 'Intention of Prayer.' However, it is 'easy' to think of ways in which artificial intelligence can promote social division, 'the Verge of foreign media wrote, specifically,' development of a biased facial recognition system that leads to false arrests. And ' algorithmally assigned test results that reproduce inequality between students'.

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