COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2014, Asia's largest and second largest computer trade fair in the world Topical coverage article summary

Asia's largest information technology trade fair "Taipei International Computer Trade Fair (COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2014)"Will be held today in Taipei, Taiwan from June 3 to 7, 2014. COMPUTEX TAIPEI, where more than 130,000 people gather from all over the world, has meaning of buying a bid for the Christmas business war in December, booths appealing to new products and new technology are energetic. We will cover such COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2014 locally, and we will add and update articles as needed.


The main venue will be the Taipei World Trade Center (TWTC) and Taiwan International Conference Center (TICC) in the vicinity of the Taiwan Trade Center (TAITRA), Taipei 101 from the sub-venue, about 30 minutes by MRT · Shuttle bus, Exhibition Hall (TWTCN) "has become. Although a major IT maker such as Intel, Microsoft, ASUS, NVIDIA, etc. has a booth at the Nankang Exhibition Hall, although it is a sub-hall, this is the feeling that this one is for PC fans.

Arrived at MRT "Taipei 101 / World Trade Station".

When going to the ground, the former world's best building "Taipei 101"Greeted me.

The venue of COMPUTEX TAIPEI has an exhibition hall surrounding Taipei 101.

An interesting shaped building on the other side of Taipei 101 across the street is TWTC Hall 1.

I will go inside.

It is one hour and thirty minutes to open. I am still quiet.

There is a fence at the entrance of the hall and it can not enter inside.

From the entrance is the booth of GIGABYTE.

I left the building in Hall 1 and walked about 3 minutes and arrived at Hall 3.

The signboards of Hamkaka and COMPUTEX are placed here and there.

I will go into the building.

in preparation.

Careful test.

With a fairly loud voice, heat enters the test.

In order to go from the hall 3 to the Nanko Exhibition Hall it is necessary to go to the city government station of MRT, but there is a shuttle bus from the entrance as well.

However, because it is about 10 minutes on foot, walking seems to be quicker if you consider traffic congestion.

Arrived at the city government station.

It is approximately 20 minutes by MRT to Nanko Exhibition Hall station.

As soon as TWTCN leaves the Nanko Exhibition Hall station.

It is 40 minutes to open. It gradually became a hurry.

Looking down at TWTCN's booth from above, it looks like this. COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2014 is open at 9:30 (Japan time 10:30).

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