29% of people in the world were found to be overweight or obese, the top ten country by country


Obesity, sometimes referred to as "symbol of wealth", is known to have a high risk of causing various diseases, and attempts are also being made to realize a healthy life by eliminating obesity globally I will. However, according to a survey carried out by a research team in the United States, the result that the worldwide obesity population has increased clearly in the past 30 years became clear.

Nearly 29% of World Population Is Overweight - WSJ

This result was obtained from the University of Washington, USAHealth indicator evaluation instituteWhat was revealed by research by IHME. The research team surveyed data of 188 countries from 1980 to 2013 and announced country-specific statistics.

According to the survey results in 2013, it is revealed that 2.1 billion people, which is 29% of the world population, are overweight and obese. Among them, the population who is in obesity is 12% for adults and 4.9% for juveniles including children, it was also revealed that this has been consistently increasing since 1980. It is also known that more than half of the world's 671 million obese population live in the top 10 countries of the United States, China, India, Russia, Brazil, Mexico, Egypt, Germany, Pakistan, Indonesia I will.

The obesity population of the top 10 countries is as follows.
·America: 86.9 million people
·China: 62 million
·India: 40.4 million people
·Russia: 29.2 million people
·Brazil: 26.2 million people
·Mexico: 24.9 million
·Egypt: 21.8 million
·Germany: 17.1 million
·Pakistan: 16.7 million
·Indonesia: 15.1 million

The population of obesity in 1980 was 857 million people worldwide, but it increased to 2.1 billion people in 2013 as 33 years later, the rate of increase is 27.5% in adults, In the case of a minor, it reaches 47.1%. Among them, the United States remains the most obesity population in the world, but the research team points out that the increase in the obesity population in other countries is prominent in the world.

Incidentally,reportAccording to the Japanese overweight and overweight rate by gender and generation as follows, it is as follows.
· Male · Under 20 years old: 15.3%
· Male · 20 years old and over: 28.9%
· Female · Under 20 years old: 12.4%
· Female · 20 years old and over: 17.6%

According to the results of the survey, no country has a remarkable decrease in the proportion of obesity in any country of the world, and it is also revealed that it is hard to say that health promotion plans advanced by each country are effectively functioning It is. The World Health Organization (WHO) has set the goal of stopping the increase of obesity worldwide by 2025, but the research team says, "This goal is very ambitious and efforts highlighted globally It is difficult to achieve unless we are told. "

According to Dr. Murray, who led the research team, obesity is listed as the top risk factor that threatens people's health, but only in the same smoking, alcohol intake and high blood pressure, the proportion of obesity shows an increasing trend, We are clarifying what we are aware of as a matter of concern.

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