Samsung is developing a new VR headset for mobile terminals in collaboration with Oculus

Samsung Electronics, an immersive head-up display "Oculus Rift"Developing a new type of VR (virtual reality) headset of a type that uses smartphones as a display, in partnership with Oculus who developed it,EngadgetIt was clarified by.

Samsung is working with Oculus on a media-focused VR headset

OculusIt was bought for about 200 billion yen on FacebookIn enterprises, it became famous in the development of a VR headset that wears on the head and plays. According to information obtained by engadget, Samsung Electronics has signed partnership with Oculus and has started to develop a new VR headset that can play using smartphones.

The partnership between the two companies, Oculus "Early Access to Software Development Kit for Mobile VR Headset for Mobile" and "Assistance to Create User Interface" to Samsung Electronics, Samsung Electronics "Next GenerationOrganic EL displayEarly access to "Oculus is supposed to give Oculus contents. Since Oculus focuses on the development of a VR headset specializing in games, it seems that a next-generation organic EL display with high resolution is required.

"If the VR headset being developed by Samsung Electronics is not successful,Virtual boyIt will be a dance of two, "explains the risk that Samsung Electronics has. On the other hand, "When a global company such as Samsung Electronics sells VR headsets, it will be big news."

ByJerry Wong

The VR headset under development by Samsung Electronics is connected to a smartphone or tablet terminal and displays the display of the smartphone on the headset. When playing games, smartphones also become controllers. Besides games, there are a variety of usage such as watching a movie being played on a smartphone or tablet with a VR headset, and I am wondering what the real machine will be like.

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