Nissan develops a dirt-free car

Speaking of Nissanself-drivingOr head mounted displayAlthough it is a company focused on research in the next generation field such as development of the next generation, we developed a car that does not need dirt and does not require car washing even if muddy water splashed. A state of demonstrationNissan EuropeIt has been uploaded to YouTube by.


The movie starts from the scene where the Nissan logo appears.

Used for demoNOTEThe car body is covered with a half seat.

Apply a special spray, we will apply processing to half of the car body.

Processing is completed. Only the left half of the body is being processed.

The machined car will do the test drive at once.

A note running on a rough uneven road with water.

The left half of the car seems to be repelling water and dirt, but it feels a bit confusing.

A note rushes over the mud.

It seems that the left side is repelling brown mud ... ...

It seems that scattered muddy water is attached to the right side not being processed.

Simply compare the left handed side with the unprocessed right side body, you can see well that the body on the left is repelling muddy water.

Looking at the car behind the test drive from the front is like this. The right half of the body that is not processed is in a dry state with muddy water and the left half is in a pure white state.

When muddy water drips again to the body, the right side of the body which is not processed has muddy water and the left half is flicking.

Comparing the body after running from the left and the right it is like this. The muddy water has dried and sticking to the right side of the body which is not processed, but the left half which processed it is dirty but the dirty dirt is not found.

Even if viewed from behind, the left side of the car body is not dirty and the right side is dirty.

Authorization of cars that perform automatic operation seems to take some time until practical application because safety testing and approval of each country are required, but technology that does not get dirty on this car is practically applicable even now It may be possible. If it is put into practical use, it is likely to cause immense damage to car wash-related companies.

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