Board games "Town Center" competing in buildings in real cities such as London, Paris, Hong Kong

"Build a building and build your own city", of the gameSim CityBoard games that can enjoy the feeling like "Town Center"is. The Town Center used the original thing in the map where the player builds the city, but the existing London and Hong Kong maps will be added as an expansion pack and " It is becoming a new type of board game that has never existed before "Building can be built as it is".

Town Center 4th edition by LudiCreations - Kickstarter

Town Center: London / Hong Kong by LudiCreations - Kickstarter

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You can see what kind of products Town Center is from the following movie.

Town Center Kickstarter Preview - YouTube

Town Center is a board game in which various types of buildings are competed in a map distributed to each player.

There are six cubes in all, purple is a city hall, red is an office, green is an apartment, blue is a shop, black is an elevator / parking lot, yellow is a building that supplies electricity.

The basic rule is to build a building using a cube and build a city. On top of that, for example, detailed rules such as "a yellow cube that supplies power to every side of the building is necessary" and "a cube can not be loaded higher than the stacked elevator" is added.

Ultimately, you receive the reward for the cube you built and decide the winner with the money earned. The money obtained from the cube fluctuates depending on how many color cubes are installed next to it, so it is necessary to play while thinking.

Town Center added the London and Hong Kong versions of the base map. Below is the map of London.

This is the Hong Kong version, the playerVictoria HarborTo build a city on Kowloon Peninsula and Hong Kong Island.

It is the company that develops and sells Town CenterLudiCreationsIt is a company specializing in board games called.

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LudiCreations currently sells "Byzantio / Nekken"When……

"Gear & PistonBoard game called.

Although LudiCreations specializes in development and sales of board games, the interesting thing is the strategy of exhibiting "own company and other company board games at cloud funding and collecting contributions".

For example, "Among the Stars: The Ambassadors"We solicited investment in Kickstarter and succeeded in gathering a large amount exceeding the target price of 15,000 dollars (about 1.5 million yen). "Gear & Piston" and "Byzantio / Nekken" which are on sale will also be productized by collecting funds through cloud funding.

The Town Center where London and Hong Kong maps are added as expansion packs is also seeking investment by Kickstarter as well as other products of LudiCreations, and as of the writing of the article, it achieves the target price of 1000 dollars (about 100,000 yen) It is almost certain to commercialize it. With a capital of $ 89 (about 9000 yen), you can get a set of Town Center with Paris and Manhattan districts added in addition to London and Hong Kong. Dispatch to Japan is also possible, but there is no description about shipping fee. As the Town Center does not include a map of Japan, it is expected that Japanese land such as Tokyo and Osaka will be added in the future.

The contribution deadline is 21:59 on May 30, 2014.

Town Center: London / Hong Kong by LudiCreations - Kickstarter

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