Look back on the tremendous evolution of VFX with the history of the movie "The Evolution Of Visual Effects"

One of the elements making up a movie such as a story, cast, music, etc. is VFX, as technology improves, the quality of VFX has also improved, and now it became an attractive feature of movies. The evolution of such VFX was summarized into one movie as "The Evolution Of Visual Effects"It is contents that can look back on the history of the movie and VFX.

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This can also be said to be the founder of a motion pictureEdward My BridgeIt animated a series photograph of horse that runs in 1878. I watched a series of photos of My BridgeThomas Edison,KinetoscopeAfter that, a movie is born.

The world's first Christmas movie announced in 1898Santa ClausWas taken in the way of double exposure, incorporating the parallel action of the technique which makes the events occurred in different places relevant in editing.

British silent film released in 1900 "A Railway Collision"Although I can not deny the feeling like a toy, this is also a stuffed creators' ideas at the time.

It is said to be the first science fiction film in the world "Moon World Tour"Was released in 1902.

A British silent film released in 1903Mary Jane's MishapOne scene of.

Published in 1906 as the world's first animated film "Happy facemates"Is a line drawing animation combining a live-action photograph drawn with white chalk on a blackboard and that frame shoot.

"metropolis"Is a monochrome silent film released in 1927, you can see that the level of special effects is improving.

Work first published as Mickey Mouse's short film series "Steamboat Willie"

1940 animation movie "Fantasia"Not only is the image color, it is the first stereo audio work ever.

"Conquest of SpaceAt that time, using the state-of-the-art technology, he said that the real universe was reproduced.

movies"The Ten Commandments"The climax scene where Moses breaks the ocean is powerful even if it sees now.

Alfred HitchcockAn American movie of 1963 by the directorbird"

"Mary PoppinsThe scene that fly in the sky with an umbrella is impressive.

A commitment to attention paid attention to visual expression is studded in the work "2001 Space JourneyI will not fade even if I see it now.

An American movie produced in 1973exorcistThere should have been a lot of people who fear in the scene where the girl slammed on the bed.

Computer animation movie that made the feeling from the hand reflected on the monitor the futureA Computer Animated Hand"

A film released in 1978SupermanClark Kent's main scene jumps out of the office.

movies"Star TrekThe enterprise going through the universe with ". To Star Trek, a huge expenditure of 10 billion yen was cast as Japanese yen at that time.

movies"Wolf Man AmericanWas awarded a make-up prize at the Academy Awards in 1981 after a special make-up was evaluated.

Steven SpielbergDirector's "E. T.In the scene scene flying in the sky with a bicycle hit the audience's heart.

"Star Wars Episode 6 / Jedi's Return"Received the 56th Academy Award for Special Performance Award in Sound and Visual Effect.

One of the early movies that fully introduced computer graphics "Star fighter"

"Roger Rabbit"Was produced in the form of synthesizing animation to the live-action photograph taken earlier.

"Back to the future PART 2In the world of 2015 drawn in "Future skateboard"Hover boardAppeared.

movies"Total recallIt is also a synonym for "His face breaks from insideArnold SchwarzeneggerThe scene where Douglas · Quaid is playing.

"Terminator 2Liquid metal T-1000 that appeared in the shock impacted the audience.

"Jurassic Park", Dinosaurs with impressive scenes are produced spectacularly with CG.

The image produced using SFX produces a unique atmosphere "mask"Jim CarreyTo the star.

As a feature film, it became the first full CG animation work "Toy Story"

"Independence Day"Is a work that CG and miniature model shoots were splendidly combined.

Merging live action and animation and furtherMichael JordanHe called a topic "Space Jam"

Published in 1997Titanic"Won a total of eleven sectors, including the Academy Award for Visual Effect Awards and Work Awards. The picture which is said to have reproduced the luxury passenger boat Titanic was a word of masterpiece.

Fresh innovative image expression that fused VFX such as wire action and bullet time which is not in the conventional CG was talked about "matrix"

Move the created model little by little to take a picture Shoot clay animation produced by filming "A big pinch at Wallace and Gromit Vegetable Field!"

World's first full CG "Final Fantasy"Work grabbed people 's hearts better or worse.

"Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest"Davi Jones has animated it based on the image which the actor is actually playing and is imaging.

Michael BayThe deformed scene that the director stuck with commitment is powerful full mark "Transformers"

Published in 2010 "InceptionIs a sci-fi action movie that sets the stage for people's dreams.

The astronaut evaluated "the movie that reproduced the space faithfully"did"Zero · GravityAbout incorporating robotics engineering and LED into movie shootingAlfonso · CureonThe directorinterviewIt was revealed.

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