A movie playing alone with only the violin movie music shining in film history

A vibrantist Rob Landes picked up an impressive movie from the movies released from 1938 to 2018 in the movie released in the year, and a movie played by himself in a movie released on YouTube by violinist Rob Landes It has been. Even though I have never seen the movie itself, there are many things that I have heard somewhere somewhere, and it is a movie that can be enjoyed together with Mr. Landes' costume.

Evolution of Film Music - 60 Movies | 1938-2018

What appeared on the screen was Mr. Landes who dressed in a dress based on blue. If you think of what he is going to pinch the wigs ... ...

I started playing the violin with a wonderful tone. Play and What is "public 1937 Snow White in the music that was used in (Snow White)", even without having seen the movie itself, "Oh, this song or" you know that.

"Of the next song published 1939 Gone with the Wind Music (Gone With the Wind)". The cosplay properly changed according to the movie, Mr. Landes disguised as a clerk / gable performance Let · Butler wears a mustache.

Followed by 1939 published " The Wizard of Oz (Wizard of Oz)". A person with a rainbow has passed behind Mr. Landes playing in the movie "Beyond the Rainbow".

"1952 public Singin ' Landes said to play a song (Singing' In the Rain)" was not put a wheel float in the bathroom. I want to shake my body to match light music.

Subsequently, BGM, which overcomes the anxiety of 1960 film " Psycho " by Alfred Hitchcock , should remember what many people heard.

1963 publication of the comedy movie " Pink Panther is the subject song (The Pink Panther)," "Pink Panther Theme" is the perfect music to dubious thief.

In 1966 it published " Sequel sunset of gunmen (The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly) " in, there was also a scene that Landes Mr. put in the mouth of their own sound effects.

Followed by "of 1972 published The Godfather Landes, who disguising appeared to Don Corleone in (The Godfather)" is, physiognomy also there is one very Uwamezukai thing has become worse.

Mr. Landes wearing a shark's cover is the main theme of " Jaws " released in 1975.

Mr. Landes playing " Rocky " released in 1976 was wearing a costume that imagined muscle.

Star Wars Episode 4 / New Hope (Star Wars A New Hope) was released in 1977 with the first series of Star Wars series that still continues the series. The string playing the violin is a lightsaber.

" Halloween " released in 1978 is an extremely popular work with eight subsequent sequels.

Then I thought that I played "Han Solo and Leia Princess" which flowed in " Star Wars Episode 5 / Empire Strikes Back" published in 1980 ... ...

This time I played "Empire's March" which is also called "Darth Vader's March".

Mr. Landes playing the music of "Raiders of the Lost Ark " (Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark) published in 1981 is dressing up the main character series Indiana Jones.

Put the water to put the Landes says, "of 1981, the public while playing the violin Chariots of Fire reproduce the scene of (Chariots of Fire)".

Mr. Landes playing the music of " Star Wars Episode 6 / Return of the Jedi" released in 1983 is still a lightsaber and is emitting light.

In front of LANDES, which dressed in music of "Back to the Future Part II" published in 1989, a Delorian minicar is overlooked.

" Home Alone Landes, who fancy dress to the thief to get screwed eyes in (Home Alone)" has been playing while frown.

"1993 Public Jurassic Park from behind of Mr. Landes to play the music of (Jurassic Park)", has been imminent Tyrannosaurus.

The movie " Schindler's List " on the Holocaust under the Second World War was released in 1994.

Also in 1994, " The Lion King has been also published (Lion King)". It seems to be expressing the famous scene of Simba's birth with a dog.

1985 publication of " Braveheart (Braveheart)" fought for Scottish independence William Wallace is a work depicting the failure of.

Mission: The first work of the Impossible series " Mission: Impossible " was released in 1996. Following Ethan Hunt, Mr. Landes also turned upside down and played.

" Titanic Landes, who play the music of (Titanic)" has been asked to suffer in someone to reproduce the impressive scene at the tip of the boat from behind.

After all, the Star Wars series is indispensable, and from the " Star Wars Episode 1 / Phantom Menace " published in 1999 "Fight of Fate".

In 1999 he published " matrix Landes, who play the music of (The Matrix)" is, of starring Keanu Reeves has completely become.

" Harry Potter and the Stone of the Wise (Harry Potter)" was released in 2001. Mr. Landes has a scar of lightning type in his forehead.

Mr. Landes playing the music of " Shrek " released in 2001, Shrek's covering seems to be very disturbing.

Group Rashiku Mr. Landes, which sharpened the ear is to play the Hobbit, published in 2001, " The Lord of the Rings (The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring) " in used music.

"2002 public Spider-Man Landes, who play the music of (Spiderman)" has to paint even in the face upside down.

Mr. Landes disguised as Padmé · Amidala and wrote "Across the Stars" ("Attack of the Clones" of "Star Wars Episode 2 / Attack of the Clones" published in 2002) ) "Played.

Before the naval battle between ships, the first Pirates of the Caribbean series "Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl" released in 2003 Mr. Landes playing.

Mr. Landes who plays music of " Star Wars Episode 3 / Revenge of the Sith" published in 2005 is disguised as a dark lord who fainted in the dark.

" Fantastic Four" (Fantastic Four) is a movie released in 2005.

" Iron Man " released in 2008 is the first movie series of American comic hero / ironman.

Also in 2008, " The Incredible Hulk (The Incredible Hulk)" has also been published.

Played the Joker Heath Ledger Kai Starring of shines " The Dark Knight Landes, who to play (The Dark Knight)", are those fancy dress to Batman, we dripping decoration of the bat from overhead.

In the " Inception " published in 2010 released by Ken Watanabe acting as a Japanese businessman Saito, special visual effects were highly appreciated.

The theme of "Captain America / The First Avenger (Captain America)" released in 2011 is impressive full of courage.

Avengers (Avengers) of many Marvel Heroes was released in 2012.

Music published in 2013 is highly regarded for " Queen Anna and Snow (Frozen)".

Also the music of " Iron Man 3 " released in 2013 has been chosen, and it seems that there are still many recent movies.

" X-MEN: Days of Future Past" is released in 2014.

"Of still Marvel from the 2014 publication of the movie Guardians of the Galaxy (Guardians of the Galaxy)" has also been choice, should irresistible if you like Marvel.

Followed by " Captain America / Winter Soldier (Captain America: The Winter Soldier)". Mr. Landes is disguised as Buky who plays Sebastian Stan .

And Christopher Nolan "of supervision Interstellar Landes, who play the music of (Interstella)" is, I was a spacesuit-ish headgear to the head.

In 2015 it published " Antoman (Ant-Man)" is a hero to shrink to a size of about ants are active.

" Star For Wars / The Force Awakens" is also released in 2015.

Furthermore, " Dr. Strange " published in 2016 is a movie in which a former genius surgeon is reborn as a magician after injury and fights with the survival of the world.

Was awarded an Academy Award six categories as musical movie " La La Land Music (La La Land)" is also, we are playing Landes said.

"Of such La La songwriting team of land is followed that participated 2017 public Greatest showman (The Greatest Showman)".

In 2017 " Mighty So Battle Royal (Thor: Ragnarok)" is also released. Mr. Landes wears sau's weapon Mujoria in strings and seems to be somewhat heavy.

" LOGAN / Logan " was also released in 2017. It is a sequel to the Wolverine series, and Landes' fingertips are fitted with knives and forks.

Followed by the choice " Spider-Man: Homecoming (Spiderman: Homecoming)", the first installment of the restart the Spider-Man series.

And in 2018, " Black Panther " gathered a great popularity as a hero movie with blacks as the hero.

Is the second installment of irresponsible hero Dead pool in 2018 " Dead Pool 2 (Deadpool 2)" has also been published, Landes Mr. has cosplay in high spirits.

" Venom " was also released in 2018, Mr. Landes protruding a long tongue like Venom.

The last choice was " Avengers / Infinity War". Mr. Landes played the violin, playing spiderman's cosplay.

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