Shooting / editing mistakes lurking in Hollywood movies 10 works from "Harry Potter" to "Anna Snow" Summary

Mistakes happen that computer processing and CG technology evolves and whatever production staffs such as directors and editors are careful about, reflections that are not reflected are reflected in the movie. In the following movies, careless mistakes reflected in ten famous films are gathered up from what you do not notice if you do not look closely and what you can see clearly.

10 Movie Mistakes That Slipped Through Editing - YouTube

Matt DamonA spy action movie starring "Bourne Identity"

A scene where Jason Bourne walking in the city rescued by a fisherman off the coast of Marseille at the beginning of the movie. Walking in the center, a truck and a passerby overlap Jason Bourne in a red jacket.

As a passerby passes by, as the truck passes by, the appearance of Jason Bourne has disappeared cleanly ... ...

If you look closely at the passing track, you can see Jason Born's jacket and legs hiding behind the track.

"Harry Potter" series 2nd work "Harry Potter and the Secret Room"

A scene where Harry and Malfoy fight in "Battle Club". Harry masturbates Malfoy ... ...

Malfoy is greatly blown away.

The camera and the staff are reflected in the back of the scene where Malfoy is raised by Professor Snape.

The final version of the "Back to the Future" series 3 copies released in 1990 "Back to the future PART 3"

A steam locomotive type time machine appears in the last of the work.

What was on the time machine was Doc and his wife. It is a moment that the child on the right is moving the right hand quickly. This is a gesture that a child has informed the staff by hand signal "I'd like to go to the bathroom."

Directed by Steven Spielberg, published in 1993Jurassic Park"

At the end of the movie, multipleVelkiraptorThere are mistakes reflected in scenes that chase the children who stand in the kitchen.

Another one of Velociraptor comes from the entrance ... ...

If you look carefully, you will see that stuffy things are reflected from the left side as you support the body of Velkiraptor.

A work depicting Iraqi American military bomb disposal team, winning in six divisions such as the 82nd Academy Award's work awards, director's awards and editorial awardsHeart · locker"

In the scene where soldiers of the American military enters the building, the hands of the staff who opens a banner of vinyl are reflected.

Published in 2000 "Gladiator"Is the title that won the work prize at the 73rd Academy Award, but there are many mistakes.

Staffs wearing jeans are reflected on the other side of the horse.

In a scene of intense battlefield where soldiers hit each other, it seems that the barbarian soldier is taking a short rest for a moment.

Toppled overChariotYou can see that it has gas cylinders and the like.

In the scene where arrows are singing to men, it shows the body suits are floating.

In the colosseum audience, you can see the appearance of a female staff wearing jeans.

Directed by Steven Spielberg, published in 1975 "Jaws"

You can see a mixture of ship with camera and staff in boat heading off the coast.

"Raiders / Lost Arc "The Cathedral""

In the scene where Dr. Jones escaped fights with Nazi soldiers on an airplane, the staff of the movie is reflected on the cockpit windshield glass.

J · R · R · Tolkienof"The ring storyThe second work of the "Lord of the Rings" series which made movie "Lord of the Rings / Two Towers"

Knight's head Air Mel gets on the horse ... ...

You can see that the airmel's sword slipped down and it seems to get out of the pod.

"Frozen"Is a 3DCG animation work, it seems impossible to make a mistake, but there is one cut obviously as a mistake.

In the scene where Elsa unwinds hair while singing, the next moment the braids hang behind the back ... ....

For some reason, three braids hung down in front of the left shoulder.

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