Time lapse video containing a powerful "supercell" with more than 10 million views

A phenomenon in which cloud lumps such as "dragon nest" of "sky of country Laputa" actually occurs is called "Supercell"On May 18, 2014 time lapse video shot of a huge super cell that occurred in Wyoming, USA in the near future was released on YouTube, and the number of views exceeded 10 million at the time of article writing I will.

5/18/14 Wright to Newcastle, WY Supercell Time-Lapse - YouTube

A huge super cell that occurred. It is a masterpiece that the cloud moves as one piece and moves while rotating.

It is no wonder that Puzzle is flying nearby.

This picture was taken of the group that is taking a picture by following the storm in the United States "Weather AdventuresSo, the super cell and tornado movies that they have taken so far areYouTube channelA large amount has been uploaded to. The following is a state of Supercell occurred in Kansas on May 10, 2014.

5/10/14 Severy, KS Supercell Time-Lapse - YouTube

A supercell like a tire approaches.

Supercells may be accompanied by bad weather such as thunderstorms, but at this time hail fell. It seems that the size is not so big ... ...

When I looked at the photos taken before, the pictures of the hail that is likely to be as good as the tennis ball that I fell on another day also. It is too dangerous to think that hail of this size hits directly.

Below is a time lapse picture of Supercell taken in Nebraska on May 19, 2014.

5/19/14 Bridgeport to Sidney, NE Supercell Time-lapse - YouTube

A cloud of huge clouds that covers far above the sky.

It is getting closer and closer to the car and it is a picture of powerful force.

This is a picture of the tornado that occurred in Oklahoma on 20th May 2013.

5/20/13 Moore, OK EF - 5 Tornado - YouTube

Tornado is one of the dangerous natural disasters that the dead will occasionally come out due to gusts as tornado occurs on the surface.

You can see that various things are rolled up by looking up.

There is a crack in the glass of the car, the circumstances are miserable. Keeping track of the storm is a pretty dangerous journey.

Incidentally,Facebook PageSo you can see a lot of pictures taken so far. The following is a rare photo taken of localized heavy rain in the immediate future, and I am impressed that "Rain comes down like this ...".

A super cell that occurred while striking a lightning strike. I am worried whether the private house just below is okay.

A huge super cell that can safely be called a mountain.

Supercell that spreads heavy rain just under. Clouds are scattered in the sky, but there are numerous scenes that can not be usually seen by becoming lumpy.

Weather Adventures photographing these pictures and videos are looking for participants in the tracking tour on the website, and if you apply, we can actually see the supercell closely.

Weather Adventures - Storm Chasing Tours

For example, the tour from May 30 to June 2014 is a tour for about a month from Oklahoma City to Denver and there are three seats available at the time of article writing. People who want to see supercells or tornado by themselves can join the tour if they pay 3,500 dollars (about 355,000 yen).

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