Character input became dramatically easier with the ATOK highest in the history of smart "ARROWS NX" haste photo review

NTT DoCoMo held on 14th May 2014 "2014 Summer model New product / new service launch party"Fujitsu's new smartphone announced at"ARROWS NX"is. ARROWS NX is equipped with "Super ATOK ULTIAS", which eliminates character input on the touch panel that is prone to irritation.


Arrived at ARROWS NX exhibition booth.

This is ARROWS NX.

ARROWS NX can choose from 3 colors of gold white white.

The OS installed is Android 4.4, the display is 5.0 inches. The installed battery is 3200 mAh. The size is 140 × 69 × 10.4 mm, the weight is 159 g.

The 1.3 million pixel front camera is located on the upper right side of the display.

There is a fingerprint authentication sensor and a camera of 20.7 million pixels on the back of the main unit.

UIM card / SIM card slot and earphone jack on the top of the main unit, antenna.

There is a MicroUSB port on the bottom of the main unit.

Volume control button · Power button is located on the left side of the main unit.

There is nothing on the right side of the main unit.

ARROWS NX is equipped with the best "Super ATO ULTIAS" of smartphone history, read the context and give out the right candidate.

For example, when "Friend enters", "many", "many", "there is", etc. are displayed as candidates.

If you enter "friends", "make", "work" etc. are displayed. You understand that you understand "ka" and "ka" properly and will present candidates.

If you enter "map", pick up words that are likely to be used when searching in the browser such as "information" "search".

Also, even if you mistakenly entered "Fuuki" as "Fuji", it predicts the kanji that the user tried to enter and displays the correct "atmosphere".

In addition to that, when you type "Akasaka", it shows the address of all over Japan including "Akasaka".

Furthermore, if you enter "parenthesis" and display "[]" ... ...

A cursor appears between "[]".

So, if you hit the character you want to input as is OK. It is not necessary to bother to shift the cursor sideways.

ARROWS NX can change the keyboard UI.

The keyboard that can be selected is a UI with a slightly different name such as "STYLE-XP", "STYLE-GA", "STYLE-AQ".

Try selecting "STYLE-IP", it was changed to a numeric keypad that closely resembles the keyboard design of the smartphone used by Steve Jobs.

The planned release date of ARROWS NX is late May 2014.

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