Research results that the risk of developing brain tumors increases from 2 times to 3 times when talking by cell phone over 15 hours a month

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In 2011 the World Health Organization (WHO)Mobile phones are hazardous substances that are carcinogenicAfter that, various researches have been done on the relationship between cell phones and carcinogenicity and genuineness, but among them, the heavy users of mobile phonesThe risk of developing brain tumors increases from 2 to 3 timesThe latest research results that have been announced.

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Various studies are conducted on the relationship between radio waves of mobile phones and cancer. Several studies in the past 15 years pointed out that there is a causal relationship between intensive long-term use of mobile phones and gliomas, but most studies have decisive results I did not raise it. Meanwhile, a research team at the University of Bordeaux in France gave the British Journal's long-term findings on the safety of mobile phonesOccupational and Environmental Medicine.

In this research, by using mobile phones more than 15 hours a month on average for five years, compared with those who do not usually use the phone usually, "one of the brain tumors"Glioma"When"MeningiomaIt is clear that the risk of the occurrence of "2 to 3 times as much" increases. Gliomas are mostly malignant tumors, but meningiomas are benign tumors that are rather popular among brain tumors.

It is an external organization of WHO in 2011International Cancer Institute(IARC) announces that "Mobile phones are hazardous substances with carcinogenicity", but for this proof, it is necessary to exclude other carcinogenic factors such as smoking in real life, It was necessary to grasp the usage frequency of the mobile phone exactly, and it was said that the state was difficult to prove.


In the latest research published this time, a total of 447 patients in 253 cases of glioma patients and 194 cases of meningioma patients in French four prefectures were reported between 2004 and 2006. To investigate the occurrence trend of brain tumors, the researchers conducted a comparative survey on a group of 892 people, consisting of a patient group and healthy people selected from the general group, and searched for differences.

As a result, it turned out that the rate of brain tumor incidence of people using mobile phones increased more than 15 hours (37.5 minutes a day) on average for 5 years on average. The person who applied was that there were many people who worked in sales professionals. Also, it has been discovered that this investigation tends to cause tumors to occur on the opposite side of ears that normally hit mobile phones.

This time, researchers at the University of Bordeaux found the relationship between mobile phones and brain tumors, but "Since the mobile phone market in recent years has kept evolving rapidly, defining the risk of carcinogenesis by mobile phones It is difficult. "It is said that future observations will be needed in the future considering technological development in the future. From this research result it can be said that "long-term use of mobile phones near the face increases the risk of developing brain tumors", but in Japan the spread of smartphonesCalls on mobile phones are on a downward trendTherefore, similar data may not apply.

ByLee Barrows

The research paper of Bordeaux University is posted on the following page.

Mobile phone use and brain tumors in the CERENAT case - control study - Coureau et al. - Occupational and Environmental Medicine

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