Rear cover Replaceable waterproof compact full HD IGZO equipped smartphone "AQUOS PHONE EX" haste photo review

The camera is also strong for shooting in dimly lit places with a lens with F value of 1.9 and NightCatch function, it adopts the compact 487 ppi 4.5 inch full HD IGZO liquid crystal, the back cover can be exchanged for one's favorite, exactlyAQUOS PHONE ZETAA compact size version of a smartphone can also be said as "AQUOS PHONE EX"is.NTT DoCoMo 2013-2014 Winter Spring Model New Product / New Service PresentationSince it was announced at that time, I caught the real machine.

Docomo AQUOS PHONE EX SH-02F | Products | NTT DoCoMo

The exhibition booth at AQUOS PHONE EX

AQUOS PHONE EX is equipped with Android 4.2 for OS, Quad-core processor with 2.2 GHz CPU, 2 GB memory, 16 GB main storage, waterproof · Osaifu-Keitai · One Seg · Tethering function, also supports IEEE 802.11 ac draft version

The main body color is Magenta and White

It's pretty compact with such feeling when you have it in your hand. The body size is about 128 mm high × 63 mm wide × about 9.8 mm thick, weighs about 122 g


The rear camera is about 13.1 million pixels, and it is possible to shoot brightly even in dimly lit places with lenses with an F value of 1.9 and NightCatch

Power button and earphone jack on the top

MicroUSB port on the bottom

The volume control key

Nothing is on the right side

Docomo and Croussy's logo on the bottom of the main unit

Looking at GIGAZINE at AQUOS PHONE EX, it looks like this

As it is equipped with full HD IGZO liquid crystal, you can enjoy powerful images

Furthermore, the illumination light is arranged at the bottom of the display

The rear cover can be detached with this feeling

And because it can be replaced with an optional rear cover, you can choose the back cover according to the mood of the day

The planned release date of AQUOS PHONE EX is January 2014.

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