What is the trend in the length, content, title of popular blog posts?

ByMarisa Vasquez

It is a concern to the writer about "How to make a lot of people read blogs" is a concern for writers, but it is called "article length" "contents" "picture" "link" "title" "theme" About the item, what kind of tendency is the blog article of top 100 in popularity ranking?BlogprosHas investigated and published it.

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◆ Article length
When Blogpros examined 100 top blogs in the rankings, the first thing I found was that "an article consists of an average of 1149 words".

The longest investigation was "Seventeen Ways To Improve Your Blog(17 ways to make blogging better) "It seems that it was a long and readable article as data and advice were written for each paragraph. On the contrary short articles were short and useful advice tended to be crammed. Also, depending on the blog, there was also a part that mainly links links to useful articles.

◆ Content
22% of blogs quoted from someone's text are blogging, 92% blogging with social buttons, 75% of blogs that are able to comment, have embedded movies The blog was only 5%.

Quotations were about one-quarter of the total, some of whom cited the style of the whole article. Almost all blogs have installed social buttons, and some blogs that do not have buttons for sharing on Facebook, Twitter and other SNSs have a mechanism that uses the site's own share button, which is the mother's body. An article with comments enabled accounts for three quarters of the whole, whether it puts a weight on the content itself or whether it is aimed at bringing out the response of the viewer depends on whether the comment function is put or not It seems.

Also, there are only a few articles embedding movies. Fourth of the embedded movies were on YouTube, and one-fifth was Vimeo. The movie was used as an explanation of the concept attached to the content and as a tutorial. Although the number of uses is small, it seems to be effective for showing examples and points.

◆ Image
An average of 3.2 images are used in one article.

It is common to use images in writing blogs, and 16% of articles that do not use any images.ForbesYaAbout.comThere were many images that were posted on websites with impressive impressions such as images, but other articles used margins and images.

Also, if the content of the article is listed, the images along the theme and related images are often used to indicate the point, and among the articles where less images are used, one image together with the title Is displayed, or the infographic is inserted in the middle of the article.

◆ Link
The average number of links per article is 9.96.

Some articles have links on various parts of the text because they are gathering information from various sources, others only have a link to guide readers at the end of the article. Blogpros Blog saw that the number of links does not affect blog performance.

◆ Title
The title had an average of 50.7 characters, and there was no title with more than 85 letters.

The longest title was attached with a second title in parentheses etc. There was a simple thing with one word as a title, such as "contents and marketing" if it was short.

◆ Theme
11% of the blogs that are primarily responsible for answering the questions raised, 45% of the articles in the form of lists, and 35% of the articles on tutorials and something wrote.

Eleven articles out of 100 articles raised doubts in the title and described the answer to it. 45 article is "Luxury hotel in the world that I'd like to stay at once by dying 21 selection"Or"5 unexpected ways to bloom creative talentThis is the most popular one, like the form of a list like. And 35 articles out of the top 100 wrote something 's guide and method.

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