When you reproduce the lightning 3D model by calculating from the photographs of two lightnings taken from different points, this is

Google's smartphoneTango"There is also a technology that can 3Dize three-dimensional objects in front of you in real time, but with a simple calculation program, a person who threated the thunder shot from 2D medium called" photograph "appeared.

Calculated Images: 3D Lightning

It is Dr. Richard Wheeler who studies cell biology at Oxford University that converted thunder into 3D from the photograph. Dr. Wheeler is a bulletin boardRedditI discovered that two photos of the same thunder taken from different places are posted. Dr. Wheeler who saw "coincidence" in which a photograph of the same lightning running in the sky from a different point was posted has taken advantage of the knowledge of hobby pictures and open source programming, these two pictures I decided to three-dimensional thunder from.

This is a picture of thunder posted on Reddit Part 1. It was taken from the baseball field.

And this is like the picture of the same thunder that 2. It was taken from a distance far from the first photo.

First, Dr. Wheeler enlarged / reduced and arranged the two photos to be the same size. When comparing it, you can see that the 2nd photo shows a crooked shape in the vertical direction compared to the 1st photo. This is the difference depending on the angle of seeing thunder.

Next, Dr. Wheeler recorded all the coordinates of the point where the lightning bent, and the image analysis software "ImageJ"I converted it into a number.

The digitized data are as follows. X is the position in the horizontal axis (horizontal direction), y is the position in the vertical axis (vertical direction), and dx · dy is the difference between the values ​​in Photo 1 and Photo 2.

And Dr. Wheeler gave data obtained by analysis as 3D modeling software "BlenderIt was said that it was 3-dimensional three-dimensionalized using. Furthermore, Dr. Wheeler does not explicitly explain the details of the calculation method, "Let's exclude the calculation of small difficult mathematics", but the essence of the calculation idea is "The distance between coordinates is inversely proportional to the distance between the camera and lightning "It says that it is in" closer to the nearer one "(taking a picture longer (longer)).

The stereoscopic picture of the thunder which Dr. Wheeler built from two photos is like this.

It is usually impossible to see thunder stereoscopically that can not be seen for a moment. I am amazed that this animation, which can be seen from all directions 360 degrees by converting thunder into 3D, can be reproduced with Dr. Wheeler's "simple calculation program".

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