Japan went to the original Yamasaki distillery of Japanese whiskey boasting worldwide

Whiskey is a drink brought up in Scotch, Irish, American Canadian and Western culture, but the sushi shop which is the source of Suntory made whiskey from around 1930 and Japanese whiskey has been added to the above 4 types now Five kinds are known as the world's five largest whiskey. Suntory owned whiskey factory is Yamasaki distillery and Hakushu distillery, both of which are also released to the general public so that they can visit the factory by reservation system. I went to the Yamazaki Distillery to better understand the whiskey of Yamazaki this time.

Let's go to Yamazaki distillery plant factory Suntory

Arrived at JR Yamazaki station near Yamazaki distillery.

When I got off the train, there was a poster at Yamazaki distillery.

The atmosphere around the station is very peaceful.

On the way to the Yamazaki distillery, there are places of suntory signs and places to the distillery in some places, atmosphere like company castle town.

Water in the nearby waterway was also flowing clean water.

Walk for about 10 minutes and cross the railway crossing at Yamasaki Distillery.

The whiskey pavilion can be entered without reservation, but reservation is necessary beforehand in order to participate in the whiskey distillery guide guided tour.

When I told the name I was reserving, a card with a meeting place and a brochure were handed over.

The facility is surrounded by trees.

At the Yamasaki distillery on the left side entering the facility ......

The Yamazaki whiskey pavilion where you can learn the history of Suntory on the right side. I will enter the Yamazaki Whiskey Pavilion before visiting the factory.

The Yamazaki whiskey pavilion is made like a Western-style building, making it feel the history of nearly 100 years.

Welcome to "Welcome to the home of Japanese whiskey" signs welcome guests.

The Yamazaki Whiskey pavilion is the same as the ordinary museum, the chronology of Yamazaki whiskey, past posters and bottles are displayed.

It was sold in 1929, the first domestic productWhiskey white cardsDiscovered.

Published in 1956 "Yoga Heaven"Is Suntory's publicity magazine, surprisingly the editorial publisherKaiko Ken. It is a cover with taste.

In 2003 SMWS Distillery Codes 119 and 120 certified bottles for SMWS members when they are certified are decorated.

Now you can also buy,Suntory RedIt was a slightly different design in the past.

As I leave the exhibition booth at the museum, there are plenty of whiskey, and for someone who likes alcohol it is like a paradise.


"Yamazaki" which is a little thinner than Hibiki is also placed.

In addition, there is a bar counter in the back, and you can drink expensive whiskey cheaply.

Speakers using whiskey barrels were also on sale.

After finishing the tour in the museum all the way to the gathering place of this distillery tour tour. A lot of people were gathering.

Suntory employees start a brief guide at the time, they are divided into two groups and head for the distillery.

Leave the whiskey museum and go out to the square ......

There is a distiller of whiskey ... ...

Founder of SuntoryShinjiro ToriiAnd former Suntory PresidentKeizo SajiThere was a bronze statue of the order.

Through the open space, we will head to the fermentation room first.

Before entering you need to disinfect hands with alcohol.

When entering the facility, Suntory employees explained about the difference of malt whiskey · beer · authentic Shochu with visuals.

First of all to the facility that prepares ingredients and fermentation.

This is a huge tank that puts barley malt and supplies wort. As fermentation and so on are carried out in the facility, the interior is somewhat hot and humid, and the sweet smell of wheat fermented is drifting.

You can see the state of the wort from this window.

A big barrel using a tree beside ... ...

It is a barrel that performs fermentation.

When I'm doing a visit, what a suntry blenderSeiichi KosuiThere was.

It seems that the day we visited was holding a briefing session for the trader. An employee who was conducting a guide told me that "Koshimi is getting the most money at this factory". However, in order not to blunt the feeling of my tongue, I heard that we only eat udon udon in the dining room. The expression that talks about whiskey is serious.

Next, we will leave the first facility and go to the distillation room.

The entrance is on the left hand side of the first tempered kettle and the right side is the re-distilling kettle.

This distiller is somewhere Arabic-like design.

When distillation is over here, you can make a transparent liquor called Newpot. This is far from whiskey, a rather spicy alcohol.

After leaving the distillation chamber, walking and crossing the corridor ... ...

A large number of barrels filled with new pots are laid down.

One by one in the barrel, the year when barrel was put in is written. This was put in a barrel in 1999, so it was roughly 15 years old.

With whiskey barrels, employees will lecture on maturing in barrels.

The one left for 12 years and the one on the right was laid for 4 years. Those of 12 years have decreased in the process of maturation, and this reduced amount is called "Angel shares"Or" the division of an angel ".

The way to make barrels was also explained.

As you leave the barrel of aged trees, there is a pond with a nice atmosphere.

Sen Rikyu chooses a place to tea, the place where the water is beautiful, not only is the water clean, there are many rivers, many forests and fog comes out, so it is perfect for making whiskey.

Bamboo grove spreads all around ... ...

There was Shiio Shrine.

After finishing the tour of the whiskey factory, I will participate in the single malt & chocolat seminar this time.

I will enter the facility.

When entering the room, Yamazaki · Yamazaki 12 years · Yamazaki 18 years · Hakushu was prepared.

In addition, chocolate for whiskey and marriage is also placed on the table.

This time we will marry Honey Ginger in Yamazaki, Persimmon in Yamazaki in the 12th year, Roche Cacao in Yamazaki 18 and Pomlakte in Hakushu.

First of all I will explain Maryge.

Compatibility of whiskey is like this. Whiskey in which barrel maturing is done seems to be very compatible with chocolate.

I will drink from ordinary Yamazaki immediately.

I feel that the color is slightly brown, and the fragrance is not that strong. The taste is slightly hot, if you drink straight with a feeling that it does not have a mild symptoms.

Together with the honey ginger, I felt that the fragrance of the ginger and the sweetness of honey, the bitterness and aroma of chocolate fits well with whiskey.

Yamazaki 12 years is somewhat darker than ordinary Yamazaki.

When I drink it, a rich aroma spreads in my mouth and it is considerably mellow compared to ordinary Yamazaki. I am reminded of the outstanding quality of aging.

The persimmon chocolate feels like fruity acidity and aroma well and it fits well with whiskey, but I have noticed that chocolate is not necessary if the quality of whiskey is good so far.

Yamazaki 18 years is deeper brown than Yamazaki 12 years.

Again there are only years to repeat, the taste is different. It is mild in its mellowness, and I do not feel much about the sharpness when entering the mouth

When the taste of whiskey is good, it seems that chocolate is no longer needed, but the fragrant taste of almond was well matched.

Furthermore, I will try not to drink Yamazaki but also Hakushu. Since the number of years is not so much, the color is thin.

It is finished in a refreshingly somewhat acid-like taste, different from Yamazaki feeling. If it is the same age, it seems that Hakushu is better for high balls.

Pomlakte with milk and apples was good with refreshing Hakushu.

When the seminar was over, a brochure with illustration of Yanagihara Ryohei's illustration was given to the souvenir. Depending on the tour, T - shirts are handed over, and souvenirs seem to be different.

The Yamasaki distillery is open on weekdays except year-end and new year and maintenance days. It is full of nature, deepening knowledge of whiskey, and even higher whiskey can be drunk cheaply, so it is recommended if you like sake. In addition, visitors basically need a reservation, so it is perfect for people who did not play in the Golden Week.

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