I tried experiencing "ancient tendon pull" in which a cosplayed foreign woman repels the shoulder stiffness in just a few minutes

The human body is composed of countless bones and muscles, and the muscle side of the bone-muscle contact point is called "tendon". The tendon may be misaligned or twisted from the position where it was settled by exercise, daily posture, sudden shock, etc., so that the whole body skeleton may distort and the body may feel uncomfortable or painful. It is better to return the "gap" of such a tendon to the correct positionTendon-pulling"It is said that the following symptoms are effective.

Neuralgia such as low back pain, cranioplaque, stiff shoulder stiffness, bending and elongation of the elbow / knee, 40 shoulder, frozen shoulder, undone of the temporomandibular joint, hip joint opening failure, sprain, sciatica, facial neuralgia, intercostal neuralgia, joint fractures such as spring fingers , Menstrual irregularity, menstrual pain, general malaise, sleeping, bruising, autonomic imbalance, anorexia, depression, constipation etc.

It has been passed down from such long ago that "Muscle rectification method · Old style tendon pullingThis is Tokushima DojoMachi ★ Assortment 12We are doing business on business trips in here, here in HetaliaHungaryThe first official certified tendoner who was a cosplayer of Mr. Vicki says that he will perform the treatment, so he actually had the operation done.

Ancient tendon pulling muscle rectification method

This is Tokushima Dojo Machi ★ Asobi police station of ancient tendon pulling / muscle rectification method.

But I was out.

The treatment fee at Machi ★ Asobi police station is 500 yen.

I decided to wait while reading the pamphlets that had been in the booth until someone came.

Hmm, I do not understand as much as possible. As I thought, the tendon pullers returned to the booth.

So we decided to draw tendon immediately. First of all, if you fill in "treatment consent form" and pay 500 yen, OK, afterwards, we just sit on a pipette in our booth and receive about 5 to 10 minutes of treatment.

Specifically, Vicky who made a Hungarian cosplay like this will mommy out her hands and arms.

Momimi Mimi

I am doing cosplay, but seriously at the time of treatment.

We gradually change position with fingertips, hands and arms ......

Feel like touching and checking tendons everywhere.

When the operation to the arm is over, you are urged to turn the arm backwards, and you will be pushed around the shoulder stiffness as it is.

And sometimes grueligor strongly shiatsu.

Mr. Vicky who did the procedure this time is the first nominated foreign tendon tendoner. When asked about the opportunity to take the qualification of the tendoner, "When I was learning karate I hurt my knee and I attended various hospitals and acupuncture hospitals, but I could not get over it at all. At that time I got to tell about 'tendon pulling' from the acquaintance, when I took the treatment, I felt that I had to learn this because the knee pain I was bothered for many years drew in 5 minutes. "

Gesture ★ The treatment which is done with Asobi is to eliminate the stiffness and pain of the shoulder, but it seems to be doing the treatment which is effective also in low back pain and knee pain in the dojo.

About 40 people came to experience tendon pulling on 5th May of the first day of gore ★ Asobi, and 90% said that they said "shoulder has become lighter". However, because it fixes the position of the tendon, there are cases where the shoulder gets extremely light, and some people feel that they can not feel the effect of the treatment much, so that attention is required for that point.

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